Is Ethereum forming a bearish flag pattern?

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After Eth broke down from the ascending wedge, it is now consolidating. Is this a possible bearish flag pattern? My biggest holding in my portfolio is Ethereum. I do hope it does not retest 1800 USD. There is a strong support at the moment at around 2000 USD which is the 200 day moving average which is the blue line.

Hopefully it holds.

London Fork is just a couple of weeks away. If Ethereum does break down to 1800USD, I do hope that I have enough cash to buy the dip. Paraguay is planning to make Bitcoin legal tender soon after El Salvador. This is bullish from my view. Let's see where Ethereum goes.



Ethereum will reign above all over time in my opinion. I don’t think retest will be $1,800, but more so around $2,000. I’m unsure though and we will have to wait and see!

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Hi hi .. thank you for ur comment.. I do agree with u.. Eth is gonna be a great long term investment.. hopefully it does not dip back to 1.8k.. been close to two months since 4.2k... 😀😀 I do think it's gonna do well with short term volatility.. have a good day.. pal.