Introducing Rialnft

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NFT is an exciting new tech and not just a celebrity trend!
We decided to give depth to the whole NFT concept and invite artists, photographers, and influencers to work with us on our new platform called
Rialnft will promote - create - market - sell real-life material.
Our motto is "Minting the Real World"
Artists and content owners will have revenues and profits up to 70% and together we will see our project grow!
The art minted can be from landscape photography to an oil painting and from an amazing selfie in a mountain,to a strange toy.
There are no boundaries and no limits.


We will work with Open Sea in the Ethereum-Polygon Chain and with WAX.
We plan to expand in other chains fast such as BNB or HIVE very soon.
We believe that we must be present in many chains, and support as many projects possible,in order for our platform to be successful.


There are two core roles in RialNft.

    The Ambassadors are influencers , skilful communicators in all media.
    They are in charge on getting our project out and making it known.
    Ambassadors will also launch their own personal collections.

Sara Ganem - One of our Ambassadors


  1. The creators will bring us photographs , moments , concept art and many different style Nfts with one thing in common.
    They will be real.
    A 3D section is possible in the future but our main focus is not there!


The social element is very important to us!
Where in most cases competition is a situation that creates rivalries in rialnft if a fellow photographer succeeds and makes a good sale under our banner this move empowers our whole project and a good floor price gives better chances and value to all collaborators.


Including FIAT in the project is very important to us!
As cool as the crypto world is ,there are people that still struggle to make transactions.
So we want to be easy and accessible to anyone!
Also in phase 3 we will introduce Merchandise for all our designs on demand, exciting development and more profits for everyone, artists and ambassadors, and ofc higher floor price!


Finally we will launch our own collection with very limited NFTS called "Legendary Moments".
This will be our Flagship NFT project. We will put all our efforts into one super rare NFT.

  • The Legendary Moment will take place at an important venue and will be witnessed by thousands of people!
  • The Legendary Moment will be broadcasted LIVE and the purchase will be in the form of an auction!
  • A significant amount will be given to a charity organization to stop any form of child abuse! The name of the organization will be added in the charity section in our Discord.
  • Only one Legendary Nft will be created for every event. This Legendary Moment will be advertised for months, backed by merchandise, services, utility, and bonus-free Nfts.
  • Some Epic Moment Nfts with the lower values will be minted for whitelisted members only.


Phase 0 - Q1 22

  • Forming our team ⚠
  • Creating website ⚠
  • Configuring our plan for the first collections and creators ✅
  • Interviewing the first Ambassadors and moderators ✅
  • Finalising our flagship project "Legendary Moments" ✅
  • Minting our whitelist Nfts in Polygon and Wax block-chains ✅
  • Announcing the first artists ⏱️

Phase 1 - Q1 22 ⏱

  • Announcing the team ⏱
  • Announcing the first ambassadors ⏱
  • Putting NFs for sale ⏱
  • Announcing the date , floor price and location of the "Legendary Moment" ⏱
  • Going public⏱

Phase 2 Q3 22 ⏱

  • Growing the team ⏱
  • Adding more block-chains ⏱
  • Introducing staking ⏱
  • Adding additional rewards for holders ⏱
  • Adding fiat options and merchandise ⏱️

First Collection


Our first Collection is Live and its called Greece Under Snow
The snowstorm “Elpis,” brought heavy snowfall in Greece. In the Greek Capital, Elpis caused around 20 cm (7.87 inches) of snow to fall and many speak about a one-in-a-lifetime event! You can find extraordinary and very rare NFT pictures of the Acropolis, Athens, and other places in Greece from the best photographers around!

Copyrights All our collaborator creators, artists, photographers have a written contract with Rialnft for the terms of use

Our Links

Do you want to be a creator ? Do you liked our way of thinking and would like to join us?
Would you like to purchase this gems and make profits of them in the future?
Here are our official Links

🔸Website (underconstruction) :

🔸OpenSea :

🔸Instagram :

🔸Twitter :

🔸Linkedin :

🔸Reddit :

🔸Telegram :


We are creating a platform where gifted artists, photographers, influencers, and people who want to get involved and bring RIALNFT to the crypto world can just do it!

Let me know what you think about the project and some suggestions for it.
We would love to invite you joining our discord and play an active part on rialnft.