Million On Mars - Land Rush | A WAX P2E GAME

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Today we will dive in one of the WAX games, millions on MARS Land Rush.
There is a steam version of the game but we will focus on the P2E version of this game - Land Rush! The game launched about a month ago and is one of the successful WAX games.

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P2E - Growth

The game is a play-to-earn game growth game. You are in MARS trying to grow your food, generate your power and earn DUSK witch is the coin of the game.
As in all WAX games, you can exchange your DUSK in Alcor Exchange for WAX


Today the rate is 1Dusk/0.03 WAX
First, you have to buy your space on Mars and then equip it with some basic structures so you can survive.
You can purchase Land and buildings from Atomic Hub the WAX MARKET

My investment was about 300 WAX about 150 USD.
With that, I got a Rare Land Plot and some buildings that allow me to harvest power , to make soil, to folder water, and to grow food.

The Game

Every 4 hours you can eat and you get 16 Stamina. With that, you can :

  1. Do a job in your buildings
  2. Do a job for another plot and earn a DUSK reward
  3. Scavenge for resources and money

Careful where you spend your stamina and your resources because it's easy to get out of them


If you like to craft in games and you are good at calculating then it's a nice game to have fun and make some money at the same time.
Trading is also a very nice asset of the game!
If you monitor the in-game market you will see that there are often opportunities in various resources.I usually sell power and water in the market and make decent profits


Money Back

In 35 days I am almost even and I have all the NFTS (buildings and land)that I can sell.
If I sell today I am almost x2.5 times my investment.
The DUSK price is a bit down but all the nfts are going up so the value grows in the market.I hope the game will grow more and keep its healthy economy surviving the time .


If you got any questions about Millions on Mars on how to get it started or how to navigate in WAX games in General don't hesitate to ask in the comments or on LEOFINANCE discord (mariosfame)
Thats it! Let me know what you think about millions!

Have a wonderful year !!

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