Human vs. Artificial Intelligence: The Superior Cryptocurrency Investor?

in #leofinance7 months ago

In a crypto investment competition, Cointelegraph's esteemed contributor, Giovanni Pigni, embarked on a two-week experiment, pitting his wits against an artificial intelligence program.

Giovanni Pigni, a video journalist and YouTube personality at Cointelegraph, challenged ChatGPT to engage in a cryptocurrency investment duel. Armed with $100 each, their mission was to construct robust portfolio segments and amass the highest possible returns within a fortnight.

The crux of this investigation revolved around the question of whether artificial intelligence could outperform a human in the realm of cryptocurrency trading. Moreover, it aimed to unveil the inherent strengths and weaknesses that distinguish human intuition from artificial intelligence-driven investment strategies.

Giovanni meticulously trained the artificial intelligence's cryptocurrency portfolio by feeding it a comprehensive dataset of pivotal events that had transpired in the cryptocurrency landscape over the past two years. Despite the recent adverse economic conditions, ChatGPT formulated a portfolio with a notably conservative risk profile.

In contrast, Giovanni charted his own course, relying on the sagacious counsel of Cointelegraph's market analyst, Marcel Pechman. Pechman advocated for a more audacious yet inherently riskier approach. His recommendation involved placing bets on high-beta decentralized finance tokens that had been significantly affected by the Bend Money security breach in July. The rationale underlying this strategy posited that these tokens harbored a favorable probability of rebounding and outperforming the stalwarts of the cryptocurrency world, such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH).

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