Concerns about CBDC

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Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, stated that he did not digest the idea of ​​a central bank digital currency (CBDC) and considered it a bad idea.

The growing interest by the world's governments in developing their own digital currencies (CBDCs) has sparked many discussions about the excessive government oversight and privacy associated with these currencies.

Concerns about digital central bank currencies:
Since the advent of decentralized cryptocurrencies, central bank digital currencies, otherwise known as CBDCs, have become a major point of interest for many governments.

Governments are beginning to realize that in order to make a central bank-issued currency relevant, it must match the efficiency and cost of decentralized currencies.

However, the idea that citizens would keep accounts directly controlled by central banks has sparked many discussions about privacy and control.

Some speculators believe that tempting the government to monitor and restrict transactions in the name of stopping money laundering and terrorist financing and promoting the social good will have negative consequences.

Charles Hoskinson is one of those people who think CBDC would be a bad idea.

In a recent tweet, the Cardano founder shared a podcast by Joe Rogan with the description:

Why central bank digital currencies are a really bad idea.

In the podcast, Majid Nawaz, an activist and guest on the popular American commentator Joe Rogan's podcast, explained that the Group of Seven, formed by the world's 7 largest economies of the International Monetary Fund, were planning to create a CBDC because they believed the time was Paper is gone.

The guest noted that the proposed CBDC, as stated by Bank of England officials, would be programmed so that, for example, it could not be spent on certain foodstuffs, or could be restricted if the holder of the wallet or the holder of the currency did not adjust to what the government dictates.


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That's way too much control for anyone to buy that!

It's an authoritarian tool and not very efficient in many ways. To crown this all up, this is a joke!

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