Haunted Creeper for Halloween - Splinterlands Weekly Battle Challenge

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Halloween is fast approaching and the Haunted Spider feels like a good option for trick or treat! This Splinterlands Weekly Battle Challenge made me try another card that I never used in my journey so far. Do you like spiders? I know you do... as it's a fact that everyone loves spiders and everyone had a pet spider called Jimmy (or was it just me?)


This reminded me about another creepy spider, the Haunted Creeper from Hearthstone. That card was one of my favorites, in a deck based on Deathrattle and summoning more and more spectral spiders. Are we ready to start the Arachnid assault?


The Haunted Spider is an Alpba/Beta common ranged card from the Death Splinter,

which will gain the Poison ability at level 4. This card costs 3 Mana, and has 2 Health Points, 1 Speed and 2 Ranged Damage.


**Hear the call of Naxxramas **

**Line-up and battlerules: **Mana cap 14 with normal battle rules for this fight, with a team focused on quick damage and high HP. As you enter into the necropolis, the stench is invading your nostrils. Death, plague and nightmares everywhere, as deadly dangers are lurking in the shadows.

Contessa L'Ament (-1 ranged attack to enemy monsters)

Nightmare - Main Tank with Blast ability

Furious Chicken - Decoy

Haunted Spider - Ranged


The Nightmare was a solid choice as a main tank, as the Blast will spread damage to other enemy monsters. Used the Chicken in the second position to protect the Spider and give him another turn to shoot.

The Spineback Turtle's health was critically damaged in round one and the Blast done the first victim. The Ice Pixie was the next monster down, burned my the Nightmare's fire.


The Haunted Spider took the spotlights as he gave the final blow to both the Spineback Turtle and to Medusa. Flawless Victory! See the full battle here!


The Haunted Spider brings the same ranged attack as the Undead Jester but costs 1 mana less. I usually use the Jester because 4 health points are a good addition for only one more mana. I think the speed is one of the Spider's downsides, along with the low health. If upgraded to level 4, the poison ability can be a game changer.


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