Restaurant Work = Not Easy / My Stock Option To Watch

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A Long Weekend

So this weekend I started my new job working at a Japanese BBQ restaurant near where I live, and let me tell you I am exhausted. I'm almost thankful to be sitting in front of a computer for my regular day job now haha.

I think that what people don't realize is that even if the things that are being done at a restaurant are "easy" once you get the hang of it (i.e. setting up the tables or managing where to seat guests), the repetition of it over a long period of time coupled with constantly being on the move or standing up leads to an exhausting experience. After standing up for 10 hours, you realize just how exhausted you actually are when you finally sit down.

Overall though it's actually a really nice environment and the people working there seem to get along very well with one another. Seeing that it is not my main source of income, it is not a stressful situation for me and I'm just taking my time getting into the flow of things without worrying if I'm doing it perfectly. I don't know if I want to put 30 hours in every week like I just did, but picking up a quick 20 is something that I could see myself doing for a while while I get some of my ideas off the ground.

Next time you go to a restaurant, make sure you are kind to the people working there, because no doubt they are exhausted!

Trading Update

I have cooled down with my leverage trading as it was just me torching money picking the markets wrong, but I have decided to make a small investment in a stock - Intel.

It must be clear by now that I am by no means a professional or even a good trader, but I did find some news that intrigued me enough to take a little position in the company.

Basically my reasoning was that the United States Senate is about to be voting on a law that will provide over 50 billion dollars in subsidies to chipmaking companies looking to produce semiconductors in the United States. Along with that, shady Nancy Pelosi's husband just opened a monster position in the company and a few others knowing that this news was coming up soon.

Of course, the US government could stall out and this bill could go nowhere like most of the policies in our country, but it is becoming quite apparent that China and other nations are focusing on things like semiconductors and we are slowly being left behind. Knowing how important computers are and will continue to be for society, it is a cash cow that I don't see going anywhere, and must (in my opinion) be something that the government would like to maintain a competitive chance in.

Invest carefully and do your own research, because I am usually wrong.

I'll have a dropshipping post coming soon, I didn't get to work on it quite as much as I'd like, but I did drop the money to get a yearly subscription to Shopify, so I'm in this for the long haul.

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