Splinterlands Is My Long Term Pick

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Since society has begun we've been seeking ways to spend our free time. I personally believe that the evolution of games such as sports and esports developing into real sources of income have laid the path for a future where the average person and not just the professionals are rewarded monetarily for filling their free time with a game.

Play2Earn is where I believe we can see the biggest societal shift in leisure activity in quite a long time. The idea that you can have fun while also not feeling like you are wasting your time because there is an underlying financial incentive is a huge plus in a society where there is a push to always be doing something productive.

Splinterlands As The Future

I don't really know which games will take precedent in the future and become the most played in the play2earn environment, but I do believe that Splinterlands has the plumbing in place to make a play for that top spot.

I have always been a fan of the structure of the game economy and the incentives that lie in continuously adding to your collection and participating every day. With the implementation of the focus rewards that has even improved further and has allowed dedicated players the ability to get a ton of rewards for their effort.

I still think that virtual reality will be king in the future, but with the land implementation on the horizon, Splinterlands should still have a chance to compete if the market takes that turn. I'm excited to see where they go.

My collection

I've gotten my collection to just around 165,000 power and am excited to continue building it up. It is frustrating of course that a lot of my investments in the game are down in terms of USD value, but it is still nice to be able to compete at the top levels and see a tangible goal to pursue as the markets recover.

I am interested to see as well what will happen to the price of SPS when the airdrop wraps up soon, that will be something to keep an eye on for sure.

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Splinterlands is great as a play-to-earn game but I wonder if it's going to be easy to transition it towards VR/AR in the future. After all, it will have to make a lot of changes to make that happen and I think a new game with a focus on purely VR/AR might win out.

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