Alien Worlds: Understanding Mission Control

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The understanding of mission control on the Alien World ecosystem begins with the fact that it's a weekly questing platform which is set up at the metaverse of the project. The team constantly upgrades the platform for the best user experience, this makes mission control more complex, so it is important to follow closely to have a better clue of every part of this platform.

Questing Platform

At the questing platform every week, there are sets of tasks for players to accomplish. The completion of these tasks enables players to gain experience and also accumulate points. There is a weekly TLM prize pool and the higher the reward points acquired at the end of the week, the higher the quantity of TLM the player receives.
WAX Blockchain have a lot of opportunities for everyone, however, Alien Worlds positioned a lot of adventures for the players coupled with awesome rewards.

Let's talk about Land & Tool Favorites of the Mission Control

Decentralization Mind In Play At Alien World

One of the focuses of Alien Worlds is a decentralized system and this is why, Mission Control proudly supported by Galactic Hubs, developed its own Mining Interface on the chain and players can easily perform all the familiar tasks Alien Worlds has on their UI.

Familiar Tasks are:

  • Clamining Rewards
  • Switching Lands
  • Equipping Tools
  • Mining

Now, Mission Control incorporates features of the land and predefined toolsets. Here, players can easily switch their preferred lands and sets of tools.

The Favorite Lands
When the player uses this, he/she will have all the selected lands to showcase at the favourite UI and interestingly, the player can initiate mining of the best of their favourite lands. No more irregular mining patterns but, optimization of the player's TLM & Shards reward is certain.

The Favorite Toolsets
When a player owns multiple toolsets for a specific purpose, players can designate their currently equipped tools as toolsets in one single click from the favourite screen.

How To Start?

If you need assistance of any kind, do well and ask for proper guidance after you have studied Mission Control Information...... Enjoy Mining!