Crypto & The Degradation Of Middle Class Society

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An Integral Aspect Of Social Structure

Regardless of the country or jurisdiction, the middle class has always been the heartbeat of any society. These are your employed and self-employed individuals. This particular class of society generally enjoys a level of independence and is not reliant upon the state. In actual fact, it is very much their accumulative tax contributions that empower the state and support the less fortunate.

Essentially, a healthy middle class creates a healthy economy. These are your consumers, along with the wealthy, of course. However, what we have begun to experience is the slow degradation of the middle class. This is not an isolated occurrence but is common in countries around the globe. Many often look to the US as a measuring stick. However, middle class America is not looking too good either.

Consumers are now avoiding big brand names in an effort to stretch their dollars that little bit further. Almost half of middle class America is unable to afford a monthly budget that includes all the essentials. Essentially, this means that consumers are sacrificing certain aspects of their budget, in order to come out at the end of the month. New vehicles are becoming more and more unattainable for many, as prices rise, along with the costs associated with financing debt.

This is obviously hitting homeowners quite hard as well, as interest rates continue to rise, despite the already burdensome load homeowners are expected to shoulder. The financing of debt has become astronomical and is closing in on many middle class citizens. Simply stated, the middle class is shrinking, and with it the stability it provides the economy. Wages are in many cases, stagnant, which just further compounds the problem.

Crypto Providing Support

Many have discovered that instead of vegetating in front of the TV they can put their free time to better use. This is where blockchain-based income-generative models and ideas are beginning to alleviate some of the burdens. There are obviously those who have managed to adjust their financial situation by choosing to take this particular idea as far as possible. Every four years or so, partakers in the incentivized economy see their efforts being multiplied many times over.

This obviously becomes even more of an inspiration and is why so many are choosing to make the most of this particular opportunity. As time matures, so do the income streams of those who choose to build them. The results speak for themselves, and motivation begets motivation. Not only are the returns compounded, but even the vigor that keeps these hustlers pushing for more. The beauty of compounding in an ever-appreciating market.

Even though partakers in this new economy may not necessarily experience an increase year on year, over time they definitely do. Generally, the Crypto market unleashes “years of returns” in a single burst of parabolic euphoria. That’s just how this market operates, at least until now. The future is never truly guaranteed, is it? However, that doesn’t deter those who have tasted the victory of dedication and patience. For many, they are encouraged to make as much headway as possible, now!

Final Thoughts

Another important aspect to bear in mind is that what constitutes the middle class from country to country is not a universal figure in regard to income. A person may consider themselves to be middle class in their country of origin and yet miss or overshoot the mark in another jurisdiction. This is where many Americans and other First World citizens often underestimate the power of an additional $200 a month.

In certain countries, this has the ability to enhance one’s lifestyle quite significantly. Essentially, Crypto has always been promoted as a means to bank the unbanked. To provide financial services, along with an element of independence and dignity. Sadly, much of the Crypto community is so consumed with self-enrichment that they fail to realize the impact they could have but forfeit due to selfish ambition.

Many have become calloused to how indifferent they are, and how selfish their actions and motivations have become. Certain blockchains have the ability to empower, and yet sadly, the majority choose to empower themselves, along with their delusions of grandeur. Hopefully, we can see some real groundbreaking development in this particular expression. Many of these opportunities are unparalleled, in regard to what can be achieved on a broader scale.

If Crypto does not empower, then in my view, we are missing an integral aspect of its brilliance, and it would be a shame to see such potential being wasted. Let’s look to build, and not just merely for ourselves. There are a number of people in this space that I have taken note of, especially in regard to this very matter. I hope they continue and don’t grow weary! All the best, see you next time!


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