Grasping The Concept Of Micro-Earning & The LeoVerse

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In How Many Pies?

Many people tend to overlook micro-earning, and you would think that it’s for obvious reasons, right? Why would you want to earn micro amounts when you can earn large amounts? And yet, for some, it is an extremely viable model. This comes down to a few reasons. One of the most important reasons is frequency… or volume. It’s not a case of a single action or task that requires extensive time and effort. On the contrary, it’s like sticking your finger into multiple pies.

Micro-earning is a numbers game, a game where the numbers can rack up a lot faster than many realize. At the heart of micro-earning is the network effect. Simultaneously and speedily, one creates ways of accumulating small amounts from multiple sources. What makes the idea of micro-earning so attractive is the effort-to-reward ratio. In other words, a well-structured micro-earning strategy can outperform more demanding and extensive income models with minimal effort.

As always, it comes down to creativity and smart execution. Finding ways to increase “your numbers” changes the game completely. Mindset and approach are everything. Micro-earning requires multi-actions. Without it, then yes, it will appear like a rather foolish approach. However, it’s your approach that needs to be correct, in order to experience results of any meaningful significance.

This applies to micro-earning in general, as well as micro-earning on Threads. In terms of Threads, there are three primary “collection points” that one can look at maximizing.

  • Direct threads
  • Reply & engagement threads
  • Ad revenue model

In terms of the first two points, the more threads you create the more “collection points” you have. Influence and reputation on the Hive blockchain are then able to multiply these numbers even further, and even create a viral post that inevitably performs well in pretty much every arena, including, monetization.

Clearly, a numbers game that revolves around high production and short information bursts. Now, the ad revenue model is primarily influenced by the stake. The more LEO tokens a user has powered up, the greater their share of the distribution. There is also another very positive aspect of Threads and that is exposure. You might spend ages writing a long-form article that gets lost in the sea of thousands of posts that get published on Hive every day.

Threads, due to its micro dynamic affords you the opportunity of constantly being before an audience. Because producing threads is not time-consuming, it can offer better odds of success and visibility, at least in these early and formative stages. It’s a way to get your “brand” out there, and depending on your input… can be a source of constant visualization and exposure.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, micro-earning is a niche that needs to be approached with an understanding of volume, frequency, and velocity. The micro-blogging/ad revenue model of Threads is a good example of how it can be applied. However, it’s not the only application of this idea. In terms of building structured and monetized networks, there is a world of opportunity within the micro-earning niche.


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