Hive - The Relevance Of An Independent & Decentralized Model

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Rather Uncanny

The need for blockchain-empowered earning solutions is a lot more significant and relevant than many may realize. In a matter of days, I have had two people approach me, personally, regarding earning online. Many appear to be looking to develop alternative income streams, as well as full-time incomes. Hive is already playing a significant role in this regard, and can play a much larger role, in my opinion.

What is it that gives Hive an edge? What makes it more appealing than other more traditional online income models? Well, quite simply, it’s the absence of barriers to entry. Due to the economic construct of Hive, individuals can begin working towards developing an online income without any capital investment. This is often the most cumbersome challenge for individuals looking to generate online income.

Due to the multifaceted expressions within Hive, it becomes a lot easier to accomplish, as individuals can earn via content creation, curation, and micro-blogging. Yes, there are other opportunities within the ecosystem, but they are more reliant upon capital investment. Operating within these three key areas can afford many the opportunity of earning additional income in the form of HIVE tokens, as well as HE tokens.

People are looking for opportunities. However, there is a level of ignorance regarding blockchain-empowered earning solutions. For many, this is an ideal opportunity… and yet, sadly, they are unaware of the opportunities out there… that are well within their reach. Furthermore, there are certain jurisdictions where the average monthly income can be replaced by a consistent and dedicated effort on Hive.

Not Only Relevant But Powerful

For many, earning $300 to $400 a month on Hive is easily achievable. However, these are dedicated and committed members of the community. Many are earning significantly higher incomes on Hive than the above-mentioned figures. The average salary in Argentina is currently $200. Even in European countries such as Georgia, the average salary is in the vicinity of $400, and even lower in certain areas.

People in these areas have the opportunity of doubling their income by utilizing and maximizing the opportunities on Hive. They could also work towards replacing a traditional income with a blockchain-based income. Opportunities such as Hive are the perfect solution. It’s the perfect place to start and even offers areas of expansion into DeFi and other investments.

An Independent opportunity promotes freedom and exploration. In many ways, being able to earn outside of a typical “job” is an extremely powerful advantage in this day and age. Hive has changed the lives of so many people across the globe. For some, it’s an investment for tomorrow. For others, it’s an additional income, as well as an investment, and for others, it’s a liveable income. No matter where you fit in, or would like to fit in, Hive is a land of opportunity.

The land of the free is no longer America… it’s WEB3! This is where future independence and fortunes will be made. The physical dynamic of business is under fire in so many ways. Diversifying into virtual income models is something that absolutely everyone should be doing, in my opinion. Hive is well-positioned to become a true leader in this regard, especially if development and growth continue.

Final Thoughts

It looks like I will be introducing a handful of individuals to Hive very shortly. Explaining the dynamics of Hive, and blockchain in general, to newcomers can be a rather extensive process. That is why I Will probably look at having a gathering and making a day of it. People can also bounce ideas off each other, which works well for encouragement and accountability. It’s also great for answering questions, as many are likely to have similar questions.

We are currently moving towards the new bullish cycle. This is a great time for individuals who have been considering Crypto to take the plunge. Hive is a great place to start and introduces newcomers to the idea of public and private keys, as well as transacting on a blockchain. I remain as optimistic about the future as I have always been. We need decentralized hubs like Hive, and it’s up to us to populate this virtual land. Catch you next time!


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