Regulation, Ravencoin & TradFi Takeover - It's All Beginning To Make Sense

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It’s Just Code

Similar to Bitcoin, Ravencoin is simply code that runs on a PoW blockchain. Ravencoin is a Bitcoin fork. However, it was never created to replace or leverage the “Bitcoin Name”. It was however created as a means to create and transfer digital assets. It acts as the perfect tool for the tokenization of real-world assets, as well as NFTs. Transaction costs are also a lot more affordable than most alternative blockchains.

Tokens can be created on The Ravencoin blockchain as either collectibles or securities. This may include commodities, real estate, company shares, art, as well as many other possible manifestations and expressions. A blockchain that was birthed from Bitcoin, and in essence, is just like Bitcoin creates a significant amount of confidence when it comes to regulatory scrutiny. Essentially, every Ravencoin in existence was either mined or purchased from someone who mined it.

There are no single persons or entities who profited from the launch of Ravencoin. There was zero allocation to devs, a foundation, or any other group or entity. The real altcoin reckoning has just begun, and even though most altcoins suffered over the weekend, there will eventually be a sifting. Over time altcoins will begin to experience a form of categorization that will begin to take place rather organically.

Throughout the weekend, it was clear that the altcoins the SEC chose to “attack” suffered the most significant losses. In most cases, the losses were approximately double those of other similarly ranked projects. As mentioned in an earlier post, Litecoin managed to sustain fairly moderate losses, as it has its halving coming up in a matter of months. I chose this opportunity to buy some more LTC, in anticipation of this event.

A Great Opportunity

I have also mentioned that I view this period as a time to buy the dips and that thinking still applies. Regarding Ravencoin, this provides a significant opportunity, in my opinion. Firstly, all altcoins are still responding collectively. The categorization is still to take place. The market still very much lumps everything into a single basket. Essentially, this creates great opportunities for coins that are inherently superior to others.

In other words, you can secure a significant discount on a coin that is likely to outperform the majority of other altcoins, over time due to its inherent structuring and tokenomics. For me, the idea of picking up additional RVN at these levels is a no-brainer. If you are in constant accumulation, further downside is also taken advantage of. It’s a difficult decision for some to make. That being said, everyone has to make their own investment decisions at some point or another.

At the end of the day, everyone has their ideas as to where the future value lies. Essentially, this requires that such an altcoin is currently under the radar… otherwise, the value would already have been assigned to it, and subsequently, already experienced significant appreciation. I like to spread my bets with a level of concentration on those projects I believe stand the strongest chance. Typically, the smaller the market cap… the better the chances, provided the project really succeeds.

Regulatory “Warfare”

The recent actions of the SEC have not really affected my viewpoints and convictions regarding the altcoin market, as in many ways, I began adjusting some months ago in anticipation of this very scenario. The following extracts are from an article first published approximately four months ago.

The SEC might be somewhat out of their depth when it comes to understanding, categorizing, and regulating Crypto assets. However, I guarantee you that they are a lot more skilled in the art of warfare. Don’t celebrate too quickly! This is just the first wave of a carefully planned battle strategy. This is far from over.

This was followed by the following statement, which has since been proven to be the exact motivation behind this onslaught. This was directly implied and communicated by the Soros Fund Management CEO last week.

The attack will become more intensified over time and is currently aimed at slowly breaking down the defense. Regulation is in essence the desire for dominion and control, plain and simple. When Crypto’s market cap was insignificant, not a single regulatory body was concerned with the “safety of investors”.

Final Thoughts

It’s definitely starting to come together. If Bitcoin remains untouchable, then so does Ravencoin and other fairly launched altcoins. Positioning is everything! As time goes on we will get to see if this was indeed a smart move, or not so smart. However, this will only become clear over an extended period of time. This entire process needs to mature and develop. Enjoy the ride, catch you next time!


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Great words. What wallet do you use to hold LTC/RVN?

They are all over the place... multiple wallets. I am a bit OCD when it comes to custody.🙃

Great post sir. I once held some RVN. What other coins are you bullish on aside from RVN?

There seems to be a lot of integrity in terms of Ravencoin. Basically, anything that the SEC can't get their hands around. Litecoin is another unsuspecting potential, also due to the upcoming halving, as well as a fair launch. I like Monero, but I don't know how the privacy aspect is going to play out. Haven't looked into this aspect too much, to be honest. There are a couple of other random micro-caps... and of course, I expect HIVE and LEO to perform nicely over the next two years or so. The problem is most Layer 1s are a target for the SEC. Isolating Layer 1 projects in this regard is tough. Although RVN isn't your typical Layer 1, there is the aspect of creating tokens, NFTs & tokenizing real-world assets. In many ways, this is the future.