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Hello, SPIers. For the next 3 weeks, I will host AMA's where you can ask me anything (weirdly enough) about token projects under SPinvest. We did SPI last weekend, and we got 1 question so my guess is everyone that is invested into SPI knows everything about SPI already. 😲

This week we do EDS and then next week we do XV and finish off with DAB which we co-operate with BROfund.

ASK ME ANYTHING about EDS! @eddie-earner






Token NameMain AccountLink to hive-engine
SPI token@spinvestSPI
LBI token@lbi-tokenLBI
Top XV token@spinvestXV
Eddie Earners@eddie-earnerEDS
EDS mini miners@eddie-earnerEDSM
EDS micro miners@eddie-earnerEDSMM
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What is the % return on investment for EDS and for Hive delegated to the curation account?

For delegated, it's 5% assuming one eds is 1 hive. Why? Cause when u delegate 50% Curation rewards are compounded and 50% are paid back as eds. Divs from these are paid by to eds holders. So, while new delegations are getting a 50% hit, they are also contributing to the snow ball effect which benefits all within eds product.

@dlmmqb has me covered.

EDS equals a 28% ROI paid in HIVE each Monday as an income payment
eds-vote equals 50% of its curation rewards (4-5%) paid as EDS

For eds, the rate of return is around 28%. How is it sustainable? From the years of compounding. So it's not that 1 hive is making 28%, it's like 1 eds is backed by more hive to achieve 28%. This 28% will also increase with time as 50% is compounded and 50% is used for divs in hive to holders as explained in other comment.

One more thing, the concept of eds is not a rocket science. It's too basic but works like a charm.

great program should be more like it!!!

keep it going





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5000 PGM IN STAKE = 2x rewards!

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