The Lesson From Tesla For Cryptocurrency

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Tesla is a company that dealt with a lot of FUD over the years. There were a lot of detractors (still are). That said, many were optimistic about the company and stayed dedicted to what was taking place.

In this video I discuss how we see a lot of similarities in cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is a lot like Tesla in that the FUD is enormous yet it is most likely to the point where it is on its way to success. Hive is a much greater risk but could follow the same path.
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Building a strong community that believes in you and hypes up your new projects is critical. You need the support of others. It's a clear vision that Hive needs to start building as well. (primarily making on boarding far easier should be the number one thing being worked on right now - second that with smart contract abilities)

Don't listen to the haters keep the vision clear and keep building to it. The FUD is all just news to try and attract readers and that's it. 99% of "news" is pure fluff BS anymore in a competition to get eye balls.

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The problem is that so many people stand to make a lot of money if both Tesla and Bitcoin go down. There's the immediate short sellers of both $TSLA and BTC (Tesla was the 2nd most shorted company for a while) and then there are the established industries that both Tesla and BTC threaten to disrupt and completely destroy. What both have accomplished already is just incredible...!

I regret not taking the chance on TESLA many years ago. I wouldn't have been able to invest a lot, but it still would have been something. Thankfully I don't plan on making that same mistake with crypto.

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Why aren't these videos working?

The next update of the desktop app will fix playback on peakd/ This means any future videos will have working embeds.

Awesome man! I was confused when that started happening. Thanks for the lil update!

Can't tell you how much it means to be contacted by a dev, who has a fallout themed username! This platform is going to blow up! And we all know it..