The War on DeFi

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There has been a lot of pressure coming from big companies trying to ban the usage of decentralized applications.


Apple has recently banned dApps from working inside crypto wallets.


Strangely enough, I still have my original wallet created with Trust Wallet from the time it was allowed by Apple, so I can deposit using the BEP2 network. It was saved on iCloud.


But don’t worry.

Despite the ban, which I believe won’t last (see Wikipedia ban on Bitcoin, for example), you can still create a Binance Bep2 wallet, choosing the specific chain when you request to create a new wallet.


See the picture below:


  • Above, Binance Chain was added as the main wallet. Just like you’d do with an ETH wallet for using erc20.

In case you don’t do it, your “Multi-Coin” Wallet won’t be that diverse as you’d expect and DeFi Wallets won’t be available at all.


I hope this will clarify things for you, as it took a while for me to understand how it is working nowadays.

Binance DeFi is up and running, but US users must be aware of the following:

To finish:

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See you in the future my fellas, when prices pump again, I mean, tomorrow 🤠.


I think it’s because they’re jealous and to much wealth is transferred to defi projects

exactly! and apple doesn't get any commission from your crypto purchases, as well. If people start using dapps from browsers on mobile phones apple is screwed...

yea they see the writing on the wall and trying to act early. The problem, they have a lot of influence with politicians.. Especially with the one who (allegedly) won!

Ecency seem to work fine, you can earn

It seems they blocked the access only through the browsers inside the wallets....

Yay! 🤗
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I wish there were no minimum trade size when trading so I can trade small amount of money