Diplomatic Success in Ghana

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The Liberland Trade Mission and Aid Foundation opens its offices in Accra, Ghana

December 2nd, 2022, Accra, Ghana.

Earlier this December, Dr. Tariq Abbasi, the Secretary of State of Liberland, inaugurated the Liberland Aid Foundation Mission to Ghana.

“It’s been over 14 months of hard work that got us here, reports the Liberland Secretary of State.

During his visit, he met government officials and the business community. He discussed tighter economic relations between the countries, peaceful resolutions of disputes should any occur between the parties, and a joint effort to attain mutually agreed upon development goals.

The Secretary of state also briefly met the Deputy Attorney General and the Solicitor General and highlighted the importance of mutual business growth and the economic cooperation that will start through activities in the agriculture sector. Liberland judges Ghana to have the potential to impact food sustainability in the region.

Given the current complicated situation regarding supply lines caused by the COVID crisis and the conflict in Ukraine, Liberland looks forward to broadening its activities in Africa as an opportunity to establish alternatives for renewable power and green mining technology.


Great to see Liberland posting on Hive!

Well done in Ghana.

Hive and @mcsamm is doing great work there too.

This is such great news to see how progressive the activities of Liberland have got to. We are excited to have you here in Ghana. Many of these and other related projects are expected to unfold in the coming year. We are proud of you.