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Many people perceive “exploitation” of working people in poor parts of the world as a problem; and because in poor countries, child labor is typically quite common, it is no wonder that this article is also about children.

I wrote an article about Child labor (to the Extremes) a year ago; readers’ reactions were rather emotional than rational, as this is a relatively sensitive topic. Now I would like to do something quite similar. Many people perceive “exploitation” of working people in poor parts of the world as a problem; and because in poor countries, child labor is typically quite common, it is no wonder that this article is also about children. For example, I have a friend who does not want to buy certain products made by desperate people in appalling conditions; appalling compared to conditions we are used to here and now.

And what do I mean by the word “exploitation”? Well, for the purpose of this article, let’s skip the Marxist theories of surplus value; by “exploitation” I mean what is commonly meant today when some companies import products from third world countries that were made by people much poorer than we are, so they did not have to pay them too much. The law of supply and demand applies everywhere, so where there is little to eat, people will be glad to work in the heat with poisonous fumes for a loaf of bread, while in the rich Europe of the twenty-first century, many despise a job as a cashier while saying it is slavery; and by the way, I do not find anything bad on that job, I was also working that way until I had better working opportunities.

For a person that thinks rationally, just one argument (defending those who “exploit”) could be enough: If the employees work voluntarily for the employer (if the employer does not force them to work for him, which would be seriously condemnable slavery), then he is just helping them, because he improves their situation. How come? Well, only the fact that someone takes a job voluntarily (even if it is a job with bad conditions) means that his situation was improved (otherwise he wouldn’t take the job). I do not say that such worker is doing well, but thanks to his employer he is doing better than without him; of course, working sixteen hours a day with toxic environment is certainly not good, but it is probably better than dying of hunger (at least for the person who accepted the job; if it was not the case, he would rather starve).

By purchasing products made in third world countries under horrible conditions, we do not harm those people, on the contrary, we help them; this implies, among other things, that various attempts to sabotage firms that “exploit” poor people, ultimately harm those people even more. Why? Well, if the demand for things produced in the third world countries increases, then the motivation for entrepreneurs to start a business and compete with other companies also increases, and that is ultimately good for their employees; on the contrary, if the demand is smaller, then the opposite effect happens – the law of supply and demand applies regardless of whether we like it or not. By not buying some products just because they were produced by kids in Asia, and you rather buy something else produced in Europe in compliance with hygiene and safety conditions, you will cause little more poverty for those children you compassion with.

Not to mention that “appalling working conditions” is a very relative term; working conditions are mostly related to living conditions, which depends on how rich the society is. Previously, even in Europe when it was not a very rich place (compared with today’s Europe), the working conditions were often also quite terrible; they improved after the Industrial Revolution, although many people believe in the opposite (mostly because the Industrial Revolution is associated with child labor – which we are told in schools – while the fact that children had been working hard in the fields from dawn to dusk before is ignored). The peak of ignorance, in my opinion, is when people swear at employers from different time or place for not providing working conditions comparable with the current ones; whether it is demonizing factory owners from the 19th century or companies that now employ workers from developing countries.

For a better understanding... Let’s imagine a very advanced civilization of aliens who are no longer doing manual labor (they see it as something torturous and cruel), as it is only done by robots in their world; this society is extremely resource-rich and travels through space. Imagine that once they arrive at Earth, some find that they are pleased to be served by human waitresses in restaurants; when we take into account the enormous wealth they have, such waitresses will be paid, for example, a 50 000 dollars per month. Logically, many people will have an enormous interest in this job and will be happy for it. When suddenly... many aliens will try to make these restaurants go bankrupt to protect people; after all, it is unacceptable for the waitresses to be tortured there by physical labor for such a ridiculous wage!

The above example is a very accurate analogy; although for these aliens, physical work is almost a torture and something totally unacceptable, it is quite common for us at our stage of technological development, not to mention that being a waiter for 50 000 dollars a month is a dream job for many people. Why? Simply because compared to other working possibilities, this is the best one; it is exactly the same with workers from developing countries, who can work either for some European or American company for (from our perspective) little money in (from our perspective) terrible conditions, or they can be without job starving, or they can do even something worse. A completely absurd, arrogant and, above all, ignorant approach to the whole thing is when someone does not compare the offered job with the other offers near the place those people live in, but rather with other offers that are here, which they cannot accept; it is exactly the same if someone was trying to forbid employing a waitress for 50 000 dollars a month, because in his civilization it would be a terrible job, while ignoring that she would otherwise do something worse.

In conclusion, I would like to point out that, that although we may find the working conditions in some parts of the world appalling from our point of view, we should not forget about their other possibilities; if they voluntarily choose a job, it means that from their point of view it is the best choice they have (if they knew about a better offer, they would choose that one). Fighting against them having this possibility can only harm them; if you want to help them, then buy the goods they produce, increase market demand for it and that will cause competition to grow. And that would actually improve their conditions.

8 Reasons to Legalize All Drugs

Česky: https://www.mises.cz/clanky/vykoristovani-2083.aspx
Author: Urza

Who is him?

Urza is Czech anarcho-capitalist author, he has written about thousand of libertarian texts on the web and printed media and also the first Czech book on anarcho-capitalism. He lectures at schools and conferences, made a number of videos and is often invited to many discussions.


I remember back in college (a few decades ago) touching upon this very issue in one of my social science classes. And I distinctly remember, even now, a video our teacher played in class where an old man was harshly arguing against those who criticized child labor. He explained that this was, in most cases, the only means by which these kids could feed themselves and survive; and if we cut the child-labor, it would also cut their line of sustenance.

But the education system has changed radically in the past 1-2 decades. Youngsters are taught this mentality of victimization. You see it in full effect in the US with all this false-racism narrative, particularly with those advocating for "reparations". Don't get me wrong, there is still racism, but it is not only white-on-black and the kind and nature of racism has been skewed, twisted, and manipulated a lot to fit various agendas, narratives, identity politics, and are the result of divide-and-conquer tactics that are sadly working.

Thanks for posting this, as it actually does highlight and offers much needed perspective to many other, parallel and larger issues.

Following you now and looking forward to reading more of your work.

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That was a good read.

I agree with the premise of your post. In that I don't look at third world conditions through first world lenses.

Its interesting that alot of people get so much information on the internet yet do not have the capacity to critically think about why things are not the same as the world they live in. It's not the lack of education. I think its more to do with how education now focuses on emotion as opposed to logical thinking.

I strongly agree

This is a fabulous concept.......i like this concept

It's easy for someone who has an American or western lifestyle to sit and judge the world by their own standards. It's much harder to walk in someone's shoes and experience what they live on a day-to-day basis. Well written article with an open mind and a subjectively rational purpose.

Before reading this post, I would have been like your friend... not buying things from countries or companies that hire these people and pay them pennies compared to what first rate nations receive.

However, I now have a deeper perspective on this matter... to which I thank you. Many are not forced into slavery and the work does improve their well being albeit small... but anything can make the difference from starving to surviving.

I will still be researching companies, but not completely eliminating all companies that Isee paying "unfair" wages.

Nice words, very nice article.

nice article..

En Perú están explotando a los venezolanos. Explotando de verdad, porque les pagan menos del salario mínimo que indica la ley.

The minimum wage actually harms people (also according to most economists, not only according to libertarians) - just answer yourself a question of what will happen to employees who bring less value to their employers than the amount of minimum wage. Those who employ these people are actually helping them (and because of minimum wage law, the risk of employing those people is higher, so it is even less beneficial to employ those people because of the law).

Hello thank you for this blog it is so good!
Nice to meet you on steemit

who are you?

Just an ordinary man. :)


Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this topic. It was a refreshing read and I respect you for it.

Thank you very much.

Wow you write quality articles !

Great lecture!

I have mixed "feelings" on this.

That said, I've become much more lax on the geography of my purchased products due to desecrate what you're saying in this article.

I took an environmental course with the major (it was my best grade) and while researching working conditions and cultural norms, I was quickly put into place.

One thing that I'd read was that some cultures feel that the entire family either should help or must help for survival.


Of course. How ridiculous of me to think any less of a family because they were born "geographically poor". I'm poor. I'm Canadian poor. My poor is vast richness for eras and locations. I'm still poor and life is still difficult but, my 12 year old Daughter doesn't have to dig through garbage to find garbage that's magically useful.

No Mother on this planet, no matter how unmotherly, would allow her children to do such things if it wasn't the only life they had to live.

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Yeah, it is quite weird how things that we perceive as normal would be a total fortune for someone living on the other side of the planet. Wealth is simply relative. Thank you for your comment.


very good post. Congratulation. I have been working for many many year for a poor salary. so i understand perfectly what are you talking about. Exploitation. that happend in all the word.

Excelente articulo @laissez-faire; tiene razón al decir que hay que ver los hechos con racionalidad, asumo que las personas que mantienen esta posición de proseguir con el argumento de no comprar productos producidos o elaborados por personas explotadas, es la falta de conocimiento, de la realidad que viven estas personas, lo que hace que piensen de esta forma, porque ven todo con un lente empañado que solo les muestra el estado de víctimas sin saber que es la mejor opción en su realidad.
Vivo en un país, donde la situación obliga a trabajar a niños. Cuando voy de compras al mercado se puede ver muchos jóvenes y niños trabajando. Cultura, situación económica y política, son muchos los factores que intervienen aquí, son dignos de estudio todos estos. Gracias por tan buen contenido, éxito, Bendiciones.

Interesting article! :)

I am a catholic seminarian, it reminded me of a village i had worked, childlabour was the other of the day. A very remote village, where more or less, the government doesn't even care what happens around there. The only school in the community has not been in use for over 5years now. Children are subjected into going to farm to work, so as to feed. Sometimes, a child of 5-9years will be made a breadwinner of the family. I tried all the best i could, but being handicap, i was only able to help one whom i'm currently seeing through school. I really wish more help can be brought to this part of Nigeria. I feel so sad.

I really enjoyed this one. Specially because i once worked a minimum wage job at a textile factory in a so called 3 rd world country. I absolutely agree. If one looks at geopolitical aspects and relates it to resources, one could argue whether circumstances still mimicked colonial times. I feel that regulatory frameworks in international trade need to be changed in particular countries to ensure dignified socio economical circumstances?

My appreciation for your article and this explicit explanation, this really can change mind of many people on the children labor issue and other labor problems in poor countries. No I know a good reason to buy such products. Thank you! That is definitely a follow!
Also if you are interested in customer care area and communication skills development you are always welcome to my telegram channel: https://t.me/icanhelpuwithat

More like that here in philippines riding a carabao while farming great shot friend

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Wow, this is an excellent exposition.
Let us not deny the truth that there is still tendencies of exploitation that takes place everyday and everywhere, so the question is when would man's humanity to a fellow human end?
Albeit, I admire those that do not seat on the fence to complain the exploitation but soil their hands to work so as to make ends meat.

Thanks for this inspiring, it somehow has made my day and a motivation

Thank you for your interest in the topic of freedom. I do not really understand your question.

I do not even know how you define exploitation. If you add to the definition the "surplus value" thing. Then exploitation is pretty much everywhere, as the owner has to have some profit from his business. And if he does not have one, then he is not a good businessman and he will probably go bankrupt.

Capitalists (and libertarians) are not against humanity and helping other people. They just do not want the inefficient state to take part in that role.

I do not even know how you define exploitation. If you add to the definition the "surplus value" thing. Then exploitation is pretty much everywhere, as the owner has to have some profit from his business. And if he does not have one, then he is not a good businessman and he will probably go bankrupt.

Nobody's suggesting that workers should be paid 100% of their net contribution.

Do you think perhaps workers should be paid a minimum of 10% of their net contribution?

I found every where this pict... Good post bro

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@laissez-faire thanx for your support by upvoting me

Tema complejo, interesante y muy bien enfocado.
En la actualidad, se ha hecho común la explotación laboral y de otra índole, contra los 4 millones de migrantes venezolanos que han huido de la miseria generada por los actuales gobernantes. Saludos: aliriera

Hi thanks and nice article.

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Civilization advances when individuals do the right thing. Will we get there by purchasing goods that come from human suffering? God, I hope not.

Will we get there by stealing money from people in richer civilization? I hope not. But of course, if you mean voluntary contributions through charity, I can only support you.

Why is the basic right of being treated humanely complicated by politics, but I absolutely believe that individuals are sacrificed to cause. We should be vigilant and cautious in our actions.

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As one of ten children I was always seeking odd jobs in the neighborhood to collect enough change to buy ice cream bars and slushies. I learned quickly which jobs were sucky. Picking up sticks in Mr. Bower's yard was sweaty work, but he paid well. Hauling maggot covered garbage bags for the young mother across the street did not pay so well, but I felt sorry for her. In all of my exploits I felt autonomous. even if it was my conscience leading me to degraded labor I chose it. I learned things like being able to stick to a task until it was completed, but mostly I learned that hard work should pay well, more importantly it should always be my choice.

Nice post. I like it!

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I'm going to point out that "improving" someOne's conditions by giving Them an option of starving to death with no shelter or clothes (because They cannot afford any of that) or slaving in ghastly conditions to One's own great profit for barely enough to cover some of those needs seems... Hardly commendable. The sad thing is that money promotes this on Our planet. And money is a very antiquated tool - and I mean money in any form: trade, barter, work exchange, shells, beads, sticks notched and split, coins (metals), bills, or electronic bits.

Imagine an alien civilization where They do not account for the Individual's energy input. They use free energy drawn from the electromagnetic field that pervades the universe (ala electrogravitics) for energy needed, have robots to do all necessary work no One wants to do, govern by a decentralized web that was open-source, with a central site upon which They report problems, able to respond personally if They care to solve for them, and live as richly as Each might choose. Money is not used, but They have in place the Betterment Ethic, striving to make things better in all They do, earning social currency such as reputation, thanks, respect, appreciation, bragging rights, fame, and other such social currencies to motivate Them.

Each One is sovereign, and no One is in a position of "authority" with widespread power over others. Any psychopaths amongst Them have no more (or less) power than any Other. As there is no money, and its attendant promoting of psychopaths to widespread power over Others, Their information flows freely and unhidden and uncontrolled. There is no successful effort to dupe the population and manipulate Them, through controlled media. There is no profiteering, selling "treatments" requiring continued purchase (and creating further ailments that can also be "treated" for profit) rather than offering cures, rather than suppression of cures to maintain profit.

Imagine what They would make of a planet that accounts for the energy each Individual adds into a system. That makes wage slaves of the Many, profiting only Some. Where the Individuals, in order to survive, must forgo Their dreams, must give up Their bliss, must fail to fulfill Their potential because, to survive, They must plug Their energy in somewhere, somehow, to get meager amounts of tokens to manage to survive.

I would wager that these aliens would be aghast. Served by a Human waitress? I suspect They would pity the poor Being thus enslaved to serve, rather than having the option of doing any Ethical thing She might choose.

I am an anarcho-abundancist, aiming to free Humanity to Our sovereignty on this planet that was stolen from Us centuries ago through "trusts" and deceit (see My post, "Trusts").

Love always!

La explotación de animales debería corregirse a nivel mundial ... pero siempre tendremos que empezar por madurar nosotros mismos, ya que muchas veces somos nosotros los que incentivamos a eso, claro ejemplo la compra de mascotas que se denota a nivel mundial, acción que paralelamente ayuda a la explotación animal buen dia

I completely agree! Child Labor is many times a logical and financial choice. SOME WORK AND INCOME is better than NO INCOME.
When I was 11, I started to work as butcher on afternoons and weekends. after school. I remember I earned $4 for about 4 hours of work. The experience I gained there was more than worth the effort.

First world privileged individuals are very much disconnected to the realities in other places.
very cool post, man.


This was a thought-provoking post. My only challenge is that these large corporations know these people will work in unsafe and unhealthy conditions for little to nothing. That is why they move the work to third-world countries. They can afford to pay better to greatly improve the quality of lives, but they won't because it is all about profits. But, many in the wealthier parts of the world say the same thing about corporations while checking how their 401K is doing and complain when it is not "doing well".

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really thought full

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As a person that has lived in Asia I have to agree. I was speaking to a former child worker and he said that because of new laws in Cambodia he lost his job and that meant his family lose a third of their income. It is alright for the Western media and charities to condemn child labour but what about the people that it affects the most? The children and their families?

This is a great article. Very interesting way to see a situation on the other side.

I worked in Circus and with a lot of sideshow artists. Some people use to get mad at people like PT Barnum saying he took advantage of people and put them on display. While a small bit may be true, by large, he gave work to people that would have otherwise been shunned by society at that time. They were paid a great wage, and the people with them o tour were thier friends.

What you wrote about above and this I can see having cross overs in this sense.

actually you are right
But can you elaborate on how to help them

I believe the hypothesis here is EXPLOITATION = HELP

Thanking u for 👍

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Nice content

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Now I know that this is an old post, but I wanted to thank you for the like on one of our posts and to wish you well in all of your own efforts.
It makes sense to rather support the work of the children as in the conclusion of your post here, as anything will help to empower them.
Child trafficking for sexual slave purposes is another great evil that we struggle with here in South Africa!
I have blessed you with a "Follow"
Thank you once again.

Really a heart touching things to explain .

Thank you. your good writing

Nice article and well said. I relate with the part in which you talk about having worked a job of little pay until you could improve your situation further. This is currently the placement I find myself in looking for work for the more practical things like 'eating food' which my girlfriend and Jack-Russel find important. :D

Your writing style is amazing..
And merry Christmas (advance)

Thanks for your response..

yo Urza!
Are you still around?

Urza is the author of the original article in Czech language. I am the owner of @laissez-faire and I translate (of course, with permission) articles of people from my country.

Unfortunately, I do not have much time for translating now, so that is why no new articles are posted. However, I am considering finding someone who would help me with translating and managing the account.

alright! interesting :)

The picture is very nice.

The problem with Max's theory is that it doesn't take into consideration the risk that the entrepreneur takes. In order to create a business, an entrepreneur must find the funds to invest, purchase machinery rent accommodation, conform to all the local labor laws and have an idea of a product that is of value.

Most importantly, if his or her idea wouldn't work and the products won't be purchased, the entrepreneur will lose their investment and would be stuck for life paying his debt to the banks. A worker might lose the job, but he won't be stuck with the debt to the end of his life, but the entrepreneur would,

So, in business, whoever carries the risk gets a reward. The European and American companies were going sound and east, to begin with, because of the labor laws in the States and Europe became so difficult for an investor and entrepreneur that they couldn't compete with cheaper foreign products.


Nice Article...

All fingers are not equal

extraordinary, very good topic and photos that arouse hardworking morale ..

I am with you.
My only comment is about the following sentence in your post:
"... then the motivation for entrepreneurs to start a business and compete with other companies also increases..."
Entrepreneurs may be motivated to enter a market, but they may also face various entry barriers.

Thia is very interesting well done

While I agree with the basic premise of child-labor not necessarily being slavery or even bad, I disagree on the finer points that you do not address. I haven't yet voted on your article because I'd like to see what develops. I cannot tell if you are naive or underinformed, but you do not provide a balanced presentation.

Some of the reasons that child labor may not be bad include:

  • Children MUST work because their parent(s) have medical problems that keep them from working, or they are orphans without reliable support from others.
  • Their parents' income is so low that they MUST work to help supplement it.
  • They live in a primarily agrarian society in which children play a key role in keeping a farm going (the Laura Ingalls Wilder books are a great example, especially the one about Alonzo).
    -They live in a hunter-gatherer culture where resources are fairly scarce and idle hands mean someone will starve.
  • Historically, in many situations, children started working at a fairly young age. In some cultures, they start working as adolescents but, in others, at even younger ages; it really depended on the resources available, the risks associated with that time and place, and many other factors as to how long the "adults" could afford to keep their children sheltered from responsibility.

Some of the reasons child labor might be bad include:

  • The child has no real choice but to accept the risks and working conditions because the alternative is starvation, eviction, etc. They are, in effect, slaves because of their situation.
  • The children do not have any way to seek justice for their situation.
  • The wages paid to the children may be well below the average for their area/nation, which means that the business owners, investors, etc. are getting cut-rate labor by taking advantage of naive/desperate children.
  • The wages are subsistence-level for where they live, which prevents them from ever bettering their situation.
  • The work situation is rigged in such a way that workers become indebted to their employers and find it almost impossible to extract themselves from this slippery slope (see the history of miners in the US for an example).
  • The employers know that the working conditions are very dangerous and could easily afford to provide solutions to keep the kids safe but choose not to for the sake of increased profits.

These are just a few of the two sides of the argument. We do not need to compare their situation with our own in order to make a valid judgment.

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That's so true, I'm always thinking what good would it do that society if companies would just pump large sums of cash into them. Som people think that it would be beneficial to them, but I think that the contrary is true, it will drive a fragile economy into an unsustainable overdrive which will collapse in the end.

First time caller; long time listener. I just want to say that I fundamentally disagree with the idea of a benevolent dictator, whether it be a queen, pharaoh, pope, CEO, emperor, shah, chairman, shogun, tsar, lord, or otherwise.

The bottom line is, if you, as a business owner, can't provide tangible opportunity for every employee to escape working for another person, you're not tangibly different from a slave owner.

You have many good takes, but this isn't it.

la esclavitud no se siente con látigo en la espalda porque sería muy obvio. existen personas que se consideran libres pero en realidad son esclavos.

Well written sir.. I agreed with what you said here. this just got me thinking for a long time now, what can I say, this has really opened the eyes of the child who doesn't know much about the world.. smile.. Again
Thanks very much for your support on my posts.. I am really happy to have you as a friend who always get my back here. And sir , I'm wondering if you could please reply me with your discord tag name so that I can add you on the server..

Very interesting concept you have shared with us..so nice read.i appriciate it.

ubiese querido votar en este post pues me parece fenomenal, si tienes discord me gustaría conversarte,

Hola: pobres niños es lamentable esta explotación

thank you sooo much

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This is a nice article. There are many bad people in the world but I think the only solution and telling everyone to be the change they want in the world and kick out the bad people of your life.

Nice post
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I think you're overlooking the effect of colonialism and, possibly, the enclosure of land (or other forms of private property) in creating conditions where children or adults might starve.

Laboring is better than starving, sure. However, why would people starve. If you look at primitive societies, people didn't starve for lack of a job. They lacked wage labor, or even slave labor, entirely.