Some users (the smallest ones) care about every single upvote they get. If you upvote someone, it may happen that this guy will look at your account and that he will read some of your articles. So I got an idea to test this... I paid for delegation of 1000 SP and I give upvotes to many people. And some of them look at my articles. I started doing this few weeks ago and even this article started to get upvotes and comments despite the fact it is 8 months old.

I am just testing this way of gaining readers. Value of their upvotes is very negligible, but they are genuine readers... and that is what I care about.

Hi. That's ok. I understand, that's all good.
But I asked why your curation has been on tens of dlike spam&farm accounts not actual real accounts/users?
There are tens of accounts I noticed your vote going to that are nothing more but spam of copypasta exploiting dlike (and breaking it's guidelines of use). They do nothing more except farming dlike and are part of multiple account scam group.
It appears that your curation only targets that specific group not the others.

I am not spammer, laissez-faire is up voting me many time. Thank you.

And where have you come from and why are you interrupting this conversation?

Are these spammers really that significant group of authors that I upvote?

I know nothing about the spammers you talk about... I would say they are just a small group in contrast with the amount of other authors I upvote.

This is not a competition here who is going to have the highest rank.
Please stop incentivizing spam farm accounts and encouraging trash posting by mindless, random upvoting in order to hit the highest rank.

I really like the way you are thinking. I do the same