How Breathing can transform your life

in #lifestyle4 years ago

I was listen at one Podcast.
I agree with what Brian McKanzie says: put yourself in an environment where you can really pay attention at what happened around you.

Ijustleft the city.
I am here now, in the country side..i have to got to know my self.

Putting ourselfs in places where conforts and The illusion of safety ruins our lifes.

Please, try to have less stress. Breath.

Breathing is free and axcessible to everybody.

It's our ability to shift our Stay.

Flydown sometimes.

Breathing brings you into that focus point , manipulating your environment.

We practise Yoga, cross-fit ... For be more flexible, more big, strong.....

We forgot how to Breath and wejust wantto build up businesses , make money, be bigger........


I am looking for quality of life.