The Weekly Zekely - Mexican Karaoke Exploits!


I generally like to check in once a week with a post covering some of my exploits and the stories that come with them. This week, I am looking over my pictures from a night a couple weeks ago rather than the last week. How to you cap off the greatest of improbable vacations? How about a tour of karaoke bars in deepest darkest Mexico?

This is how we decided to end a glorious 10 days of adventure on the Yucatan Peninsula and perhaps a good entry for the Life Is Great hive vacation contest.


Porrada, Siestas and Fiestas


How would you cap off 6 days givin' 'er with this group of killers? We already had plenty of jiu jitsu training, wonderful food, adventure and more tequila & late nights than you can shake a stick at...and I have shaken a lot of sticks. The only think possibly missing would be karaoke!


Where To?


We did what every self-sufficient gringo did and hopefully spun up a maps search in hopes of finding a venue for our exploits within walking distance. Imagine our delight when there is a handful of them within 10 or so blocks from our hotel! What's better than a karaoke bar? A TOUR of karaoke bars in Playa Del Carmen! It was on.


Karaoke Fuel


First things first and lets not get ahead of ourselves! I may have done karaoke sober once or twice in our illustrious career but damned if I can remember when that might have been. You need to pound a couple pints and perhaps even hang with @evileddy for a puff or 2 in order to do it up right. Liquid courage for this session sponsored by Modelo Especial.


La Cucaracha


I may have these a little crossed as a side effect of the liquid courage but I think the first stop on our grand tour was La Cucaracha. "How do we open the tour?" Hadn't thought of that...gotta do it right. Metal ballads? Perfect. First, tequila.

Fatboy rumbled the crowd with a solid heart-wrencher by the Scorpions. Turns out they didn't have a karaoke book from which to choose songs and simply ask you to name your song and they pirate it up right from youtube!

That is a tough act to follow but the crowd was warmed up. I pulled out a greatest hit by Journey and there was nary a dry set of britches in the place. At least that's how I remember it.




The next set was meant to be another metal set by another one of the Js (Journey/Judas Priest/'Jovi) Not before a couple more cervesas and a little curation of the local talent, which was fairly substantial! Time for a little 'Jovi.

Fatboy added to the million faces he has seen and rocked with Livin' on a Prayer. He's a cowboy.

I answered with a little classic, "You Give Love a Bad Name" to the delight of some. Another round of Tequila!


On to the Next Crowd!


Here is where, perhaps understandably, things got a little hazy. Looking back, we have no pictures of our third stop, or recollection of the songs regaled. Maybe a Black Sabbath/Ozzy Osborne set? Maybe? All I know is there were a few more cervesas at this place and some good rockin which earned us some affection by someone who apparently decided, "I think you guys are bee-oootiful!" smooch Can't stay baby, the next karaoke bar calls!


Getting Late?


The last place we visited was Club Social Karaoke Box. We realised this may be the last as they were shutting the doors behind us as we entered and told us last call was 15 minutes ago. Early covid curfew? Too long a night rocking? Probably both.

We asked if we could sing a song and they said thats why they let us in. "What would you like to hear?" They requested "Something in English." "That's pretty much all I got! You are going to have to be more specific." "TOOL!"

As a matter of fact, I DO have a tool song up my sleeve. I had sung it once before many moons ago when I arrived to hear my name called as someone else had put in a song for me. Yikes! Worked out okay and I blasted the locals with a little mid-90s alternametal.

Fatboy parried with a little more 90s alternative Radiohead - Paranoid Android. Must have been a b-side they didn't expect because they were enthralled at the places that song goes, and the spectacle of this big fat flocko knowing all of the parts. ENCORE!


Curtain Call


We were offered a ride to the next place by the staff but declined for the prospect of one last wobbly walk back to the resort. We passed a couple fellas who seemed to have the right idea but soldiered on to the air-conditioned featheriness of our big hotel beds. It wasn't the 7 stops we had hoped for but a big night nonetheless.


Missing Mexico


The week was epic because of this group of these immediate life-long friends. Only a couple hosers would take it to overtime with a little Karaoke tour. Hopefully the next Grapplers Escape we attend, and there will be more, will have karaoke on the itinerary!


Thanks for checking in and looking back on this Mexican adventure!



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Cheers bud! Looks like you guys had a blast :)

It was epic on so many levels, I have lost count. Amazing how burying your head to start a brand new business and avoid all expenses possible translates into an incredible vacation.

Making it better is the reinforcement of the notion we never progressed from being teenagers ;)

You ae Da Numba One!

The love boat!

Oh man the boat was insane. We packed 2 catamarans with just our peeps, did some snorkeling and did more day drinkin that afternoon than I have all year.

Everyone was givin er. Especially Fatboy who may or may not have ingested

Nice finale! Radiohead is always a good one I throw out there after a few - I may do that from time to time as well

Yah I usually just do Creep because of the soaring bridge but it is a little overdone. Paranoid Android is manic and has a neat middle departure that takes you away like karaoke should.

Good thing we had a little left in the tank for one last huge night.

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