Light Scurred of Dahkness bruh

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I’m sittin hea thinking bout light. Like, light always looked at as good an darkness awwayz looked at as bad. Well not awwayz but most of da time. But wus funny about dat logic is we wouldn’t have a example of what light is if we ain have darkness to compare it to. Feh meh? Like how you know what light is if you neva had dahkness to compare it to. Kinda like light has to bow down to dahkness cuz dahkness can eat light. Look at dem blackholes in space. Light prolly scared of them shits. Be runnin at the speed of itself ta get away from them holes but da dahkness is faster. But Same thing with everything that has a opposite. Like how could you know dat you are experiencin cold if you never experienced warm? Bruh dat shit wile. How imma be good if evil ain’t neva exist for me to compare it to. Ignorance could’ve been bliss if eve ain’t bite the fruit. Man I might get into that toma. I been really thinking bout dat Adam and E shit heavy lately. Like seeing who is really responsible for this hell we livin in. And it’s the woman fault. Yea imma write bout dat toma. I’m out.



2 polarity of no right or wrong. They are what they are. The cliche sayin, balance is the key so you won't tilt too much at another side of the polarity

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Yea. Wut u sed.

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