I used a bicycle wheel and LED's to create these mushrooms under the Milky Way

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Mushrooms Milky Way_1.jpg

I created this image a couple of years ago.

Here's a link to a video tutorial that shows how I made each shroom.

This image is not a single exposure, it's actually a Photoshop composite.

The Milky Way background was captured by me in my front yard and the shrooms were captured on a different night.

I spun about 20 shrooms altogether but in the end there were only 3 that looked good so it was those 3 images that I used in this composition. Some of the shrooms are flipped horizontally and then copied into a different spot.

So technically speaking it's not a 'true' light painting image as it's not a single exposure, but hey, I still like how it looks :)

If you would like to see more lightpainting then please give "Lightpainters United" a follow (@lightpaintershub) and you will be introduced to the world of light painting.

Lightpainters United.jpg

My instagram rod.evans.visual


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I love these mushrooms. very well painted. Keep up steeming.

Thanks mate, slowly learning how all this works. Thanks for your help.

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This is absolutely awesome! I once tried lightpainting myself but it was way too hard to do without a distance shooter. I'd love to try again sometime, but in the meanwhile I'll just enjoy your creations here :)