Lovely Lilacs

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Nothing reminds me more of spring then Lilacs in bloom. Our whole neighbourhoood is smelling like a flower garden. Just walking down the steet makes me feel happy and exited for the summer.

This is how our street looks right now, Lilac trees in bloom everywhere

Lilacs come in three colours here, dark purple, light purple and white

Lilacs are the perfect table decoration, it looks great and makes your home smell sweet

I wish you all a lovely spring and happy summer

With Love


Walking in the midst of lovely lilacs on a sunny day. That is fantastic! Even my awful evil soul starts to turn to the good side!

Haha you always have the best comments, lilacs inspires my own evil soul to be happy and grateful as well😆🌸

Maybe we still have a chance...))

The summer cannot arrive soon enough! This post makes me happy, it looks amazing walking down your street. It is still not green outside where I live yet... beautiful flowers, and it sure is perfect for decorating!

Very beautiful and with different colors :)

Nydelig Camilla, nesten så jeg kjenner syrinduften😊🌸vi har ikke fått blader på syrinene her enda, jeg gleder meg til det blir syrinduft i hagen😀

Thanks for the beautiful pictures of lilacs @Camilla.
I remember these nice lilacs when I was a little boy. We had them in our garden at home and my grandmother also had a lot of them. I also have many good memories from the glorious fragrance of lilac flowers from childhood. Nice to see all the three colours of these beautiful lilac flowers.

Best regards

Yeah this take my mind to a powder made with lilacs
Oh oh , so that’s the smell you perceive everyday just walking by the street , wow
Imagine that freshly put in the house
This is lovely , I love Lilacs 😎
Lovely pictures by the way

Lilacs are sweet smelling flowers 🌺
I love the smell of it, when I was a boy
I pick the flowers in put in my pockets
All because I want to smell nice lol

Lovely flowers that blossoms at spring , the sight of it is magnificent and the saint of it is enticing. That’s such a beautiful decor made with the flowers
Sweet smells, sweet sensations
Great pictures by the way

Lilac is beautiful. Your street is so beautiful! I imagine what there is an incredible and pleasant aroma! I love May because it has lilacs. This is one of my favorite flowers.

you are right it feel so good living in nature and i like your photography you are really a good person since you ware the one who helped me here in this community .. be good and loved it

Very interesting and I am reminded of the ancient Greek mythology about Syringa. Each Lilac color has a different meaning. What color lilac most interesting do you think @camilla?

Fabulous photography and fantastic views

all flower also lilacs looking very beautiful

wawoow spring the season of life the season of nature what can be more beautiful than blooming flowers in the spring it will make you fell in love with nature and the beauty of nature @camila mavilious flowers and beautiful post!

Woww charming lilacs .Looks like flowers and flowers are so beautiful in front of the eyes @camilla.
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Spring flowers are really beautiful to people and they are very beautiful to see them

I like this white flowers. Whats the name this flowers?

Fantastic photo shoot mam
All flowers are so beautiful

Wonderful, mind blowing photography

I love flowers

Please @camilla mam check my profile once time

I love flower, and also love flowers photo shot............great fullness for this.

lilac makes spring more beautiful....the great creature of nature

this is an amazing flower picture result, I am amazed with your photography bung, hope your day please friends and always successful yes, I hope you can enjoy my photography interest also yes.
I will upvote and restem

I also love Flower and Flower photography | All Flowers photo just impressed me.

Looks like flowers and flowers are so beautiful in front of the eyes @camilla

Really a great way to start your week and the summer with all these lilacs. I can only imagine how it is to walk along so much flowers and feel the scent of them.
The pictures you took are great btw. A lot of details in it.

We are seeing that the world is full of beauty.

beautiful😍😍lilacs are always given freshness beauty and fragrance you lived in a beautiful place dear 😍😍😍😍

There are different types of flowers available in six seasons, which are beautiful to take away our mind. It fills our minds with our mind.
So thanks for nice posting

Lilacs are amazing great work from you have a great day.

Pretty! Ours have been dropping petals this week. It was almost like snow, but smelled better. Love the floral arrangement!

How wonderful to have so many lilac trees on your doorstep @camilla. Your home must smell beautiful with that lovely flower arrangement on your table. 😊

Beautiful. Ours are just starting to bloom here in Canada.....