#Linux 5 [play, chvt, arecord, mutt, curl] useful cli oneliners.

in #linuxlast year
  • PLAY local microphone on remote machine's speakers. Fun for pranks. Uses sox package:
    $ rec -t wav - | ssh [email protected] play -t wav -

  • CHVT Go to vt number 3: sudo chvt 3

  • ARECORD Register an .mp3 audio from microphone input:
    $ arecord -f cd -t raw | lame -r - out.mp3

  • MUTT Send email with two attachs [two options]:

$ mutt -s "Subject" -a doc.pdf -a img.jpg -- [email protected] < body.txt
$ echo “body...” | mutt -s "Subject" -a doc.pdf -a img.jpg -- [email protected]

  • CURL Get your ip address: curl icanhazip.com

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