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Building a Linux Habitat
willi glenz @ telegram
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screenshot by willi glenz


# 1,076ufw-apacheapache2update 2020-03-14
# 1,075ufwssh apache2update 2020-03-13
# 1,044historydpkg, date, usermodupdate 2020-03-12
# 1,043snappackage managerupdate 2020-03-11
vim-configuration tmux-configuration tmux-installation                                     2020
atom raspberry-pi tmux-windows ranger pycharm language jupyterlab systemd fail2ban         2020
weather fzf find neofetch taskwarrior-session taskwarrior-installation tmux-panes          2020
inxi tmux-sessions tmux ssh raspi-documentation fish-documentation fish-functions          2020
fish-configuration time fish-installation rsync raspi-installation dhcp system-rescue-cd   2020
cpu awk tutorials user-management history disk-management dns oneliner apt                 2020
system-update debian ramdisk ntp monitoring host-configuration vim-cheatsheet networking   2020
tasks check shortcuts ide arp system-editor sources packages apache baseline host i3 wm    2019
python swap glances veracrypt flatpak logging docker snap tiddlywiki tails firefox         2019
firmware vim prompt aliases howto container git bash snippets screen hardening html java   2019
arch                                                                                       2019


vimconfiguration cheat-sheet2020
tmuxinstallation configuration sessions windows panes2020
rangerfile manager2020
jupyterlabevolution of jupyter2020
fishinstallation configuration documentation functions2020
STATUSsntop tuptime snort watch uptime bmon dmesg ntopng vnstat zabbix
baselinewrapper for sysstat, hardinfo, neofetch, sysbench, ...
check wrapper for neofetch, inxi, nmap, vnstat, lshw, ip, ...
glances curses-based monitoring tool
inxi system information script
neofetchsystem information script
HOSTchkrootkit lsof journalctl atop ctrl-z jobs bg fg htop kill killall pgrep pkill ps pstree renice top unattended-updates hostname ip cal ncal lsusb etcher hwinfo lshw dd df du mount umount pwd smartctl sync tune2fs
hostinformation gathering tools
cputool collection
ramdemidecode free vmstat
diskgnome-disks fdisk cfdisk baobab badblocks blkid lsblk mkfs.vfat parted
debiansystem-update system-rescue-cd arch tails
systemrescuecdrescue distribution
archrolling release distribution
tailssecurity distribution
systemdsystem and service manager
packagessnap apt flatpak dpkg-reconfigure tasksel
languageinstallation & configuration
i3wmwindow manager
system-editorinstallation & configuration
rsyncfile copying tool
veracryptencryption tool
SERVERnessus ipfire ipcop nmap snort chkrootkit iptables rkhunter mda's webalizer hardware web-server mail-server dns-server ftp-server
raspberry piinstallation documentation
apacheweb server
fail2banlog file monitor
sshremote login tool
NETWORKfping mtr netstat nmap ping speedtest aircrack-ng wireshark
networkingnetworking tool collection
arpaddress resolution protocol
dhcpdynamic host configuration protocol
dnsdomain name system
ntpnetwork time protocol
USERdiceware groups id last login pwgen sudo vigr vipw visudo whoami date ulauncher vit wall
administrationuser management tools
weatherweather report
taskwarriorinstallation & configuration
firefoxweb browser
taskstext file
scrotscreen capture tool
screenterminal window manager
bashoneliner aliases prompt shortcuts
FILEScat chown chmod cp curl file grep head less ls ln md5sum mkdir mv ncdu rev rm rmdir sort tail tar touch tree type uniq whereis wc which
fzffuzzy finder
findsearch command
timetime stamps
loop_devicelinux loop block device
distributed version-control system
PROGRAMMINGcode scite geany focuswriter emacs mcedit nano ne gedit mousepad pandoc
atomtext editor
pythonpycharm ide
awkpattern scanning and text processing language
tiddlywikisingle page application wiki
javageneral-purpose programming language
htmlhypertext markup language
collectionstutorials sources howto snippets update docker hardening


/dev/null        $ cat /dev/null > file.txt
/etc/passwd      $ cat /etc/passwd | cut -d: -f7 | sort | uniq -c | sort -nr
/etc/shells      $ cat /etc/shells
/proc/interrupts $ watch -d cat /proc/interrupts                             // interrupts
/proc/ioports    # cat /proc/ioports | less                                  // ioports
alias            $ alias ea='vim ~/.bash_aliases && source ~/.bash_aliases'
apropos          $ apropos password | less
apt              # apt install supertuxkart
arp-scan         # arp-scan --localnet | vim -
cat              $ cat > text.txt <<HERE
cups             # nc -z 631 && echo ok || echo failed
curl             $ curl | less
curl             $ curl
date             bash $ echo "It is now $(date +%T) on $(date +%A)"
date             fish $ echo It is now (date +%T) on (date +%A)
dpkg             $ dpkg --list
dpkg             $ dpkg --list| fzf
efibootmgr       # efibootmgr
firmware         # ls /sys/firmware/efi
free             # watch free -h
grub             # grub-install
history          $ history search --contains 'vim'
history          $ history | fzf
lsof             # lsof -u user | fzf
lsof             # lsof -u user | vim -
lspci            $ clear; lspci; echo; lspci -t; echo                        // pci
lsusb            $ clear; lsusb; echo; lsusb -t; echo                        // usb
mail             $ watch mail
memory           $ ps axch -o cmd:15,%mem --sort=-%mem | sed 10q
memtester        # memtester 7G
mkdir            # mkdir -p /mnt/ram; mount -t tmpfs tmpfs /mnt/ram -o size=8192M
mkdir            $ mkdir -p Backups/{Sales,Development,HR}/{Jan,Feb,Mar,Apr,May,Jun,Jul,Aug,Sep,Oct,Nov,Dec}/{Sun,Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri,Sat}
mkdir            $ mkdir -p dummy/{1..100}/{1..100}
mount            $ mount | column -t
mpg123           $ mpg123 -zvC /home/user/music/*
nc               # nc -z 631 && echo ok || echo failed             // cups
nc               # nc -z 80 && echo ok || echo failed              // apache
netstat          # netstat -tulpn
ntpq             $ watch ntpq -p
pip              $ sudo -H pip install --upgrade youtube-dl
printenv         $ printenv | awk '/^PATH|HOME|USER|SHELL/ {print $0}'
processes        $ ps axch -o cmd:15,%cpu --sort=-%cpu | sed 10q
ranger           $ ranger /etc/
ranger           $ ranger /usr/share/doc/
ranger           $ ranger ~/.local/share/Trash/
scp              $ scp -r folder/ [email protected]:~
scp              $ scp file.txt [email protected]:/home/pi/
scp              $ scp [email protected]:/home/pi/file.txt . 
systemctl        # systemctl status|restart|start|stop|enable|disable
systemctl        $ systemctl status apache2
timedatectl      $ timedatectl
tuptime          $ tuptime -t                                                // table
tuptime          $ watch tuptime
usermod          # usermod -aG group1,group2,group3 username
vim              $ vim $(fzf --height 40%)
vim              $ vim $(fzf -e --preview 'head -100 {}')
vim              > export EDITOR=vim 
vim              > export VISUAL=vim 
watch            $ watch -d -n 5 ls -l
whatis           $ whatis passwd
 arch-linux .................
 debian .....................
 mx-linux ...................
 picture .................... screenshoot by me ~ my gnome-desktop