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Some time ago we started the conversation with Staking Rewards about listing Hive. As Hive is a grassroots decentralized venture, we don't have the luxury of a massive pre-mine or ICO financing and we have to be cognizant of our expenses. The team from Staking Rewards were understanding of this and, coincidentally, were in the process of developing an alternative listing potential solution.


What is Staking Rewards?

Staking Rewards provides trusted access to all passive income opportunities with digital assets. We are curating knowledge and data to build a healthy staking and defi ecosystem.

We strongly believe in a decentralized financial system. Information should be available in a transparent way to everybody. Empowering sovereign equality and community consensus on information drives good citizenship around the global community. In the emerging ecosystem of staking assets, decentralized finance (DEFI) and security tokens, we aim to create a platform of trusted information and collaboration.

Staking Rewards: About Us

It's basically a website and community for those interested in income that comes from long-term investment (staking) versus active trading.

You can learn more about them on their website or their LinkedIn page.

Vote for Hive

  1. Create your account
  2. Wait a few seconds and the website will grant you your first 10 HEARTS tokens
  3. Cast your vote for Hive

You can return once a day and collect more HEARTS. They're an on-site currency (not a crypto) for various rewards.


Hive is getting there but needs the strength of the community behind it. Vote and ask other Hive users to vote.

What Happens After?

We're working closely with Staking Rewards to determine the next steps after this community engagement. We'll have further information, updates and announcements.

Note: Half the rewards from this post are going to @crimsonclad who helped make this happen but never gets enough credit for all her work.


Yes... I have do it my witneess @guiltyparties, thannks for sharing this.

Maybe the right way is I must say thank to you sir.
Because maybe this is small thing that I can do to vote #hive to be a good crypto. God bless you

I supported our Hive as well 😇



Voted for Hive


Done voting.
We are already on top!!! Yaaaay!!
Reblogging in the hope that we maintain that advantage.



We're catching up! But we need a lot more participation. Post your proof of vote here and I'll throw a little upvote on it.

RTs of this would be appreciated to help spread the word on Twitter. 😊




My part has been done!!! 😉


Done and done!

I'll let my community know too and get them voting as well!

Thank you so much being a massive fan of Hive I have signed up and voted, and will continue everyday 😀


It looks like we crushed this! Just have to hold the lead for a bit longer

i have given my vote for hive ....



Never too late to do great things.
I did vote and will come back and vote again for Hive.

Great initiative ! On my way to create my account😉

Did the snazzy reblog thing. Maybe that'll help you folks out a bit.

Reblog. let's do that

Hey @guiltyparties - voted of course, seems these guys are German? At least the CEO is German and based in Berlin, if you need local support hit me :-)

Reblog. let's do that

Thank you so much being a massive fan of Hive I have signed up and voted, and will continue everyday 😀

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Account made, voted for Hive, reblogged.
Screenshot from Staking Rewards after voting
Happy Days


thanks @guiltyparties & @crimsonclad, I have an account and voted hive in staking rewards.


Thanks for the info. I was happy to cast my vote and looks like we are up since the writing of your post @guiltyparties 😁

Go HIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!


Great iniatiative 😍

Staking Reward.png

Done! ❤️