Litecoin; faster version of bitcoin, great investment opportunity!

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Recently litecoin has been surging to new heights nearing $70. Many experts such as Clif High of halfpasthuman predict triple digit prices! Litecoin has a faster transaction confirmation time, as well as already having segregated witness fully activated. Litecoin is bitcoin's little brother, introduced by its developer Charlie Lee on October 7, 2011, litecoin has proved a good investment for many. Mr. Lee tweeted out on August 27, 2017 that he sold his bitcoin cash BCH for litecoin. Speculation on this cryptocurrency is promising for the long haul.

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Based upon that tweet, he expects the acceleration in price for LTC to top BTC.

Either that or he isnt optimistic about BTC which I think he is since he has openly discussed enabling people to go back and forth seamlessly between the two.

Well, owning litecoin is like having bitcoin with the potential to earn more bitcoin due to litecoin price rising. This is also true for any coin traded with bitcoin, and is.why I am invested in altcoins. Oneday my altcoins will provide way more bitcoins than I could just buy outright.

That is a sound practice and one that I am looking to implement.

Of course the trick is to find those coins which appreciate at a faster rate than BTC either on a scalp or a medium term hold. I imagine that takes some finesse.