The fall of a wolf in the middle of the swamp

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"I am too beautiful, I can see that in the mirror, and I can feel it." Michael appeared to be oblivious to the cold air around him. He always figured that he was the prettiest of all guys. It didn't strike him as strange, as no one in his family was ugly.

"You look good as you are." His brother Andrew said.

Michael looked at the reflection of his brother in the mirror. It was rare when they looked at each other. It was a fixation to be in front of the mirror every time.

The mirror was hung on their bedroom's wall. Michael was spoiled and pampered for a long time, and as he grew in age, his parents pampered him even more.

"You have black hair Michael, don't get rid of it..." Michael was never happy whenever his hair was short. He had a hard time cutting the hair.

"C'mon Andrew, I have cleanly shaven face, why do I have to cut it?" Michael's face was smooth, smooth enough to be caressed. Even though his face wasn't exactly amazing, he looked like a model.

"You look all cute like that!" Andrew nodded with his head, not knowing how to respond to his brother's claims.

"I am good looking, and all my friends know that. I never have to worry about that."

He was considered good looking, but not as good looking as his friends. He was known as the handsome with perfect jaw line and sexy brown eyes. His friends were happy, they appreciated him. He was the center of everyone's attention.

Michael wanted to be accepted, he wanted to be accepted into society. He had nothing better to do with his life. Even at childhood, he was a skilful artist. He was known for his painting techniques. His drawings were highly appreciated, his paintings were highly praised. Michael's parents were proud of his talent and always bought him the best materials and professors.

"Let's go Michael..." His brother was never able to respond to his looks, but Michael tried to get his attention through deeds.

"Nooo!!!!!" Michael yelled after his brother who bowed his head and left the room.

Michael stared at his face without moving a step in his upholstered bed. He was depressed, and his brother knew that. Michael did not like loneliness, but as he grew, so did his emotions.

Michael started to feel things that he couldn't even feel two days ago. He started to feel emotions. Whenever he did anything, he felt proud about it.

The time passed, the day turned to night, and Michael was still staring into the mirror. He looked into the mirror for the hundredth time, and he found himself falling in love with the said reflection.

He didn't feel anything the first time that he was falling in love with the image. Even though his heart was beating slowly, he was sure that the girl in the mirror had a thick body.

When night came, Michael's panic began to grow. As times passed, the speed of his heart became faster, and he managed to make it to his parents' bedroom before he was breathing heavily and running.

He tried to knock on the door, but while running he tripped over a foot. Michael tried to catch his breath. His face became red, and he tripped again. Michael was frustrated. He tried to reach his breath after the second stumble but before he could reach his breath the next time, Michael felt himself falling.

He was falling down. He was falling down, he was falling down, he was falling down. The speed of his fall had increased. There was a threat in the air. He was slipping into something, he was falling down, he was falling down, he was falling down.

His brother must've been in the room. In front of him, he saw his brother. "Hey, stop it! Don't touch me-!" "I'm sorry, you're too pretty, my hands won't stop touching you, don't panic." Michael was confused.

"Andrew, stop touching me, I love you!" Andrew looked shocked at Michael, and he seemed to be about to say something, but Michael was already taller than Andrew. Andrew was growing smaller. Andrew seemed to be saying something.

Then, the ground was getting closer and Michael's panic got stronger.

"Catch me, catch me, catch me!" Michael felt himself coming closer to darkness.

"I love you, I loved you, I loved you, I loved you." Michael stopped falling in spite of the wings that he had, and he looked up.

"Andrew, I love you.