Lift Anchor

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Hi my loves. I hope you are well and that you have had a happy holiday season. Today I want to share a bit of my inspiration to start the year 2022 with all the good energy, I know that for many in recent times we have been hit very hard, either emotionally, financially and much harder with the loss of loved ones. In spite of everything, it is important to take into account a good attitude to move forward, breaking all monotony, changing the environment, experiencing new emotions, those that make us happy, because it is never too late to believe in the magic of new beginnings. Says so:

Ted Chin

Lift Anchor

Let's enjoy the horizon without being tied down
Let's start over from scratch if necessary
Fearlessly free yourself from the ties of the past
We may be sailing on the other side.

Changes don't necessarily come with the new year
Everyone decides which wave they want to catch
The sea will give us strength and tell us yes I can
Well, he who is used to shipwreck already knows how to swim.

Express what you feel, steal that kiss, hug who you love
Because you don't know when life will cut your wings
The wind will be our course, we will lift anchor
It is time to break that rope that binds us.

Let's take advantage of drinking that red wine
Let's get to the stars and let the sea guide us
Smile, let's make friends to see what destiny brings
Live without attachments, sadness or resentment and thus we will be free.

Let's raise the anchor, lose our fear, come and go away
Let's take advantage of the wind, spread your sails, we must leave trails
Enjoy the moment under the sky no matter how slow we go
But without wasting time because in this life only traces will remain.

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