Travel to Memories (My Hero of Seven Seas)

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Hi my loves. I hope you are well. Today I want to share a bit of my inspiration dedicated to a different Christmas from the beautiful Margarita Island - Venezuela, because it is different because unfortunately this pandemic took away one of the most important pillars of my family "My Dad", I know that I have I've been a bit absent but I still want to show you part of my little collection of poems "My Hero of the Seven Seas" focused on that Caribbean touch that the island gives us in this holiday season, who is caressed by its sun and sea breeze, its culture and religion, In order to pay tribute in the best way to a man of the sea, loving, hardworking, strong and brave, who always taught us to celebrate these beautiful holidays in union and peace.

The truth is that in these difficult times as I would like to go back in time to be able to share with all my loved ones as was customary. Today we only have the beautiful memories, those that fill our hearts with joy and nostalgia. I also want to take the opportunity to wish you a merry Christmas and without forgetting that despite the circumstances better times will come, thank you all for always reading me, I sent you many kisses and a big hug. Says so:

Arly Mejía

Travel to Memories

White and pretty, an environment full of cold illusions
As well as the shining sand and the foam of the waves that rise from the sea
Seascape that floods my heart with colors
Bird melodies that make my soul happy and sigh.

December times that remind me of old moments
Morning lights that illuminate and draw your body
Beautiful longings that lead me to navigate in time
I know it's hard to go back there, but at least I try.

Sea gulls that sing to announce Christmas Eve
Firmament that rushes to adorn with its colorful northern lights
Harmony of waves that blow, sing, and sound
And that makes many of us swim to those times of the past.

Christmas decoration made of corals and sea stars
Tide that remains serene to reflect Bethlehem
Your memory remains intact in those crystal clear waters
Well, you taught us to celebrate Christmas with the arrival of a baby.

This year you are absent and we celebrate in a different way
So life separates us with its surprises and its walls
Our hearts will always remain close
And if time does not return, we will meet again in the future.

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