An evening of rock

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I went out (a rarity I know) to see three bands.

They’re friends bands too - all fairly local - so the energy was even more awesome. Fantastic to be surrounded by live music again.


The opener of the evening was the mighty The Chris Catalyst. I’ve shot videos for his other band Eureka Machines for over a decade.


His solo work I fantastic, and this three piece live show he put together to perform the songs are super tight.


Poignant pop melodies with ballsy rock everything. Really ace.


We made this video together for his song ‘The Ride’ at the start of 2021.

Up next on the bill is Mr. Shiraz a local Huddersfield band going strong for the last 20 years. I’ve made videos and played along side them more times than I know. You can hear their awesome song “21 Grams” HERE


This was the best show I’d ever seen them play to be honest. It was fantastic. As we’re the audience.
Mikey (front man) was a joy, as ever.


They were super tight, high energy, highly entertaining and silly. Great combination.
They could be described as punk-pop-funk-alternative with weirdly pleasing hooks and inspiration from RHCP/Faith No More/The Bronx. You could see that they were LOVING being back on stage again.



The headliner of the evening was The Bar Stool Preachers.
I’ll be honest - I’d never heard a single song of their before the night, but my pal Karl plays guitar for them, so I was curious.
The really delivered a big show right from the first opening note. The room was packed out and bouncing.


Their super high energy style was infectious, with a mix of pop-punk and ska. The front man bounced about non-stop with constant gesticulating to punctuate the music. He held attention and interacted with the audience with incredible effect.



I didn’t expect for that above to sound like a review (which it wasn’t) - It was going to just be some photo highlights with a couple of words about some bands I know and love. But I think it’s worth taking the time explaining the context and relationship with each band before I dumped a load of random photos.

I can’t wait for my next show on Saturday 11th in Leeds with the mighty Eureka Machines! It’s sold out and will be very busy indeed!


This must have felt amazing for many different reasons and on many different levels :^)

Who would have thought - 3 years ago - that attending events / festivals / concerts and so on would become something precious.

I love your pictures!

Thanks dude! Anyone who takes the time to compliment my pictures gets a full upvote 😂

And here I thought it was because you liked me ;<)

P.S. Be careful what you say. What if a 1000 people read this...

Sounds like a good night out. Did it feel a bit strange? I was out for drinks with colleagues on Friday and wasn't totally comfortable. We ended up in a busy pub. After a while the noise got to me and I went home. I'm not too worried about omicron yet, but I do wonder if we will see an uptick in cases with people getting together over Xmas. I need to get my booster soon.

Anyway, hope you are well.


It was great all round. I know what you means about not feeling totally comfortable.

I did also feel a little weird about how no one was wearing a mask. I doesn’t feel long since the restrictions were severe and it was looking like the prospect of 5 years until we could all be back packed in to rooms without some kind of mask.

Yeah after Xmas will see a huge spike. I’m saving up money to protect us from another potential lockdown (or similar) - it seems too good to be true that this is all over and done with.

I'm lucky I can work from home most of the time. At the office they have enforced masks all along. There were people on the train on Friday without masks even though it's mandatory again.

We ended up in a busy crowded pub last Saturday night. No masks, no nothing. I was thinking about diseases all the time I was there. It's not going to kill us.., but I still don't want it. How times change eh?

I don't want it either. I get that people are tired of masks and stuff, but we need to be cautious.

I need to come back to the UK, I've been away 7 years now, I miss going to see bands. I saw that Chris was supporting Massive Wagons recently and they played in Exeter. I would have loved to have seen that. I'd also love to see Eureka Machines. I haven't heard of the other two artists, but I'll have a look.

Oh man, what country are you living in?

Yeah they did the Massive Wagons tour, it was a great success in every respect from what I heard.
Eureka Machines at Brudenell will be incredible. Sold out, mega line up of 6 bands. Can’t wait.

I toyed with the idea of volunteering to live stream the show but I decided to go as punter this time. No camera in hand!

Sometimes, you just got to enjoy yourself. I'm living in the United Arab Emirates near Dubai. My wife is from Philippines and was already living here. But we plan to go back next year so that my boy can go to a UK school.

Ah yes I remember you saying you were over there. Lots of sunshine.
Hope you enjoy your trip back!


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Looks great, nice to see things getting back to normal!