Live music is BACK! // Haggard Cat at The Parish

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Haggard Cat // 12.09.21

The Parish, Huddersfield.


I spent the evening in the presence of some much needed VERY loud live punk music.

Great to have live music back and be able to witness the pure energy of this band.


Haggard Cat; they’re a two piece hardcore punk band from Nottingham (UK), with a history of incredibly hectic, anarchic and unpredictable live shows. The band was formerly called Baby Godzilla (very apt name for that band 😂… Google/YouTube them for some insane live videos!)


They’ve been on a similar live scene for many many years and only tonight have I seen the Cat perform.

They played the remarkably cool Parish venue in Huddersfield - a place of rejuvenated recent activity for me; both work (filming loud rock bands) and pleasure (watching loud rock bands)


They’re often found in the middle of the audience…

(Photo/Tweet Credit @JournoJenThomas 2021)

…however tonight they just stuck to the stage..


This whole show was exactly what I needed.
A wall of noise of blow off the cobwebs.

I treated myself to their latest album ‘Common Sense Holiday’.
£10 well spend I’d say. And it feels good to support bands with a hard copy of something.


It’s gonna be playing in the car a lot.



That's great! Live music is gradually coming back. I played a gig yesterday, but it was very different to this. Old jazz songs to people having Sunday lunch :)

Nice selection of guitars there :)


Indeed; a gig is a gig, whatever the vibe!
Hope yours was a good experience for you mate. Sounds pretty chilled!

This was great. I had ear defenders in and my right ear is still buggered 😂

I do think I ought to use earplugs more at loud gigs. I value my hearing.

Our gig was fun, but I was knackered by the end. Performance can be hard work and I admire the energy of bands. We are looking to get more gigs. We have something a bit different that could go down well at events with a range of ages.


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What a blast! I can’t wait to get back to Rock City in Nottingham for some live music. Maybe I’ll be able to catch a performance from these guys as it’s their stomping ground. Much prefer their first band name. How do you get from baby Godzilla to haggard cat? Only punk would know, I guess.

They will be playing Nottingham a fair bit I imagine. They mentioned their local rock venue was similar to ours, about 250 cap, and it wasn’t Rock City. Not sure of the name.

Baby Godzilla was a 100% brilliant name, however sadly they were accosted with a legitimate cease and desist from the corporation who own the ‘Godzilla’ registered name 😬
Even though they were on a label and had a decent following, they couldn’t fight it. I guess that spelled the end of the band and line up, but continued as a two piece.

Proper legendary live band and still have that energy⚡️

Nottingham has a few venues but I’ll certainly keep my eye out for them.

Jesus! The corporate machine let nothing slip past them 🥸 still, a rose by any other name is still a punk rocking mofoing flower! Shakespeare’s words not mine 😁🤟

From their actions, I can even feel the energy and joy they derive from what they do.
I haven't watched a life band before and I hope to do so some time in the future. I'm sure it's gonna be an amazing experience.

Oh man, if you’ve never seen a live band before then these guys would probably be too much to handle! 😂

Hope you get to experience the thrill of an artistic performance on a stage. It can be profound and addictive.

Yeah, I haven't and that's probably because I'm not used to going out for concerts or events like that. The last time I did was about 4 months ago and that was just a music show - no life band.

I would definitely love to feel it, haha, I know it's going to wow me.😆

first photo has some interesting old film feel :)

people are eager for live events. great that it is happening.

Yeah I think the film feel is down to a few things; b&w, slight motion blur, classic guitar stance, and cool stage lighting.
Good old iPhoneX, still delivering :)

b&w is helping in that kind of light with a phone :)

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