Locusts - this much maligned Insect is edible and is a terrific source of protein !!

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Countries in Africa, India and elsewhere have been having Locust plagues. To my surprise, the response seems to be exterminate with plenty of sprays - toxic chemicals sprayed everywhere. Ok, maybe there are situations where they may need to be sprayed and controlled , but otherwise, why pollute the environment , when you have this highly nutritious food source right under your nose ??

The Locust may eat your crops, yeah, but why not take the cue to change your diet for a while when they are around? Eat the little buggers !! Grasshoppers and Locusts have been a food source for many people around the world for a long time. They are high in Protein, and very tasty when fried, smoked or dried and used in recipes. Just pinch off the legs, they're a bit hard to chew. Come to think of it, eating Grasshoppers/Locusts is much more preferable than eating Cockroaches...(some prisoners eat Cockroaches and Rats to supplement their rations when they feel hungry). At least you know the Locusts don't breed and feed in the sewer pipes.

Why make the multi-national chemical Companies rich, and poison your environment with nasty sprays/ insecticides?? Plant some Neem Trees, and make a natural insecticide from it. Here in Australia . we can buy insecticide made from Neem.

I would imagine the best way to catch Locusts when they are swarming is to set up nets , wait for them to fill, them collect the nets up like a bag, and pound them on the ground a few times, then repeat the process until you have enough. How about a vaccuum cleaner for sucking them up off the ground ??

Don't run inside and hide from the storm, get out there and dance in the rain !

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Soon it will be swarming upon many states of India....earlier it already created a lot of mess in neighbouring Pakistan...

Yes, well i hope they can turn a bad situation into a few positives at least...that's why i posted this. Rather than seeing the bad in things, it helps the morale if you can get some good out of these things too.

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Thankyou mate. I'm short on time these days, but my posts will be varied by subject , i hope they are interesting.

I actually wanted to have some locusts because many said that it is delicious @ctrl-alt-nwo

These caused lot of destruction in our country but it is over now!