The Game Shifts

in #longgame4 years ago

The Long-Game --> A game where the process is more important than the end result. Where building your masterpiece is the most enjoyable thing to do. My posts in this Long-Game series will be investigating the Steem blockchain and all the latest happenings on it! The future is bright.

They are all referring to the long-game of the Steem blockchain and anything that remotely relates to that.

In these posts, these topics and more will frequently be touched upon:
1. dapp developments
2. interface features
3. ideas for the future
4. content creators on Steem
5. entrepreneurs on Steem
6. and anything else!

Essentially, everything is up for grabs in these posts. They’re about the future of our favorite blockchain: the Steem blockchain.

Look, I know I drone on and on about the long game.

There is just so much to cover and so little time!

The idea of the game shifting is an amazing one to me.

The game is always shifting. The landscape is always changing.

The tactics are always shifting from relevant to irrelvent.

From irrelevant back to relevant...

It's insane when you stop to think about the infinite combinations of the universe and how you can always change your sail to a new direction!

Work hard and be consistent.

That's all you can do, in my honest opinion!