Welcome To The Third 'Love The Clouds' Contest!

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Welcome to the third 'Love The Clouds' contest!

🌤 🌥 🌥 🌥 🌦 🌦 🌩 🌩 🌪 🌩 🌩 🌦 🌦 🌥 🌥 🌥 🌤


Thank you everyone for making the Love The Clouds series a big success!


How does the contest work?


Obviously the contest is all about Clouds: You can draw, take a picture or use any other kind of medium to portray clouds in any form or manner! I want to stress again that this contest is not strictly a photography contest! Artists of all paths are welcome 😊

There are of course some usual rules for participating:

  1. Resteem and upvote the contest
  2. Make a comment with a link of your work below this post
  3. All of the submitted works must be original and made by you!
  4. Only 1 entry/post per person
  5. Use the #LoveTheClouds as your first tag

All entries must be submitted before this post closes (which is 7th of March)


Who will win?

The winners will receive 100% of all of the SBD raised in this contest

The prize pool will be split up equally among 4 winners

Everyone gets 25%


😊Have fun and enjoy !!😊


I might have a few cloud photos.

great! I'm loking forward :)

Hello, @tobetada. This way, my entry to your contest.



I send you a fraternal hug and wish all the contestants success.

Amazing contest love it thanks for sharing....upvoted

thank you @syedrizvi! hope to see your entry :)

Okay, I'm just a novice, but I do love the sky and everything it holds. Here is my entry:
upvoted, resteemed, following, fingers crossed! ;)

really great shot! thanks for the entry @puppetmaster1111!

yes! let's go again!

@moneyinfant has added your contest to the list Steemit Writing Contests: Issue #35. The list is updated on a daily basis and your contest will remain on the list until its expiration - there's nothing you need to do.

The list was created to save writers the excessive amount of time spent searching through the #contest tag for writing contests. Now they can just come to the list each day, see new contests and use their time doing what they love - writing.

If you'd like to help spread the word about the Steemit Writing Contest List I'd really appreciate a resteem, but it certainly isn't necessary. The project is simply meant to help writers save time and contest creators attract more contestants.

P.S. If you know of any contests I've missed I'd love to hear about them. Thanks!

amazing my friend

thanks @atta09! Hope to see your entry soon!

Does look interesting and yes i do love cloud formation it's just such a beautiful mother nature i will join in thanks for the invite. You run the contest once a week is that right ??

Upvoted & Resteemed :)

yes, it's once a week :) I'm looking forward to your entry!

Thank you will be a pleasure to enter your contest :)

Hey there @tobetada,

Here is my Submission for #LoveTheClouds. I hope all of you enjoy them. There are several photos to enjoy. Have an Awesome Day. Here is the first one called "Mystic Clouds in a Purple Sky"

sunset, nature, photography by jeronimo rubio, all rights reserved, 2018 (13).JPG

wow @jeronimorubio! really wonderful shots! all of them are fantastic :)

Thank you @tobetada. I truly appreciate your kind words. I love photography and nature. I am glad to share always. @adsactly #absolutenews

I hope you like this was my welcome to the month of March, leaving my house, take this picture.

It dawned, a new day, a new challenge, a new month. welcome March


wow, that's like from another world! great entry @lanzjoseg!

Nice :) I'll try to participate :D

great! looking forward to your entry :)

that's just lovely, and great little reminder you wrote there as well :))

Nice contest! I'll make my entry😊

Hi again ! Thanks for continuing the contests .
My entry:
Good Luck to all !

great one @giosou :)

Thank you sir !

Gloomy cloud on a sunday afternoon in benin Nigeria


oh, that really does look gloomy! Did you make a post for your entry? It would be great if you post the link here :)

Thank you for having this contest @tobetada,

For a second I got this contest mixed up with another one and I thought you wanted a haiku about the clouds! LOL

Here is my entry:

A shot taken above the Sierras, December 2014.

Here is the link to my post: https://steemit.com/lovetheclouds/@eaglespirit/love-the-clouds-above-the-sierra-mountains

xx Eagle

wow, great picture! thank you for participating @eaglespirit :)

anytime ... who doesn't love a great contest! xx Eagle

Thank you for this contest @tobetada. Here is my entry to the contest with this picture called Dawn.

that's just lovely @siggjo! thanks for posting :)

Just trust yourself and feel
Great writing

Hello sir @tobetada.
Hoping I could still catch up with your contest. Here's my entry.


that's a really amazing picture @sharaine!

I just noticed that the link on the picture doesn't work ;)

Owww.. Im sorry sir. I wasnt able to check on the link

Thank you for this contest @tobetada. Here is my entry to the contest with this picture called Dolphin.


wow! that is just spectacular @bigsambucca! Do you by any chance have a but larger resolution? :)

Thank you Sir...the reason it is a smaller photo is because i crop the date out of the photo which was down on the right hand corner because i figured it spoiled the photo..but if you click button on the right of computer it will say "view image " and it brings it up as a larger photo. I will try and find the original photo with the date on it if i find it i will sent to you just that i have lots of photos.

I had a look through my collection of photos and found the original photo here it is Sir.

That looks like I would just like to take a swim in it ;) Really amazing @hangin!

Haha...thank you it will only be a one time swim experience you will never survive the bottom :)

simply spectacular ! thanks for this wonderful entry @ortorres1123

Here is my entry @tobetada #lovetheclouds contest, I hope you guys enjoy it. I spiked mine with a little poem.

wow, I really like it :)) thanks for this beautiful post @atikajayboy!

Thanks to you, I certainly hope I win 😊

Sneaky Ninja Attack! You have been defended with a 1.81% vote... I was summoned by @tobetada! I have done their bidding and now I will vanish...Whoosh