November LPUD and Monthly Goals Update

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It is the eleventh month of 2023 and we have one more opportunity to grow our stake. Just like the previous months we can anticipate more number of powering up their LEO tokens and take part in this LPUD. Today is the eitheenth LEO Power-Up day that means the LPUD has completed a total of 17 months. The LPUD has started on 15th June 2022 and thus we have been powering up for more than an year now. Leo Tokens price have been coming up and down and thus my LEO tokens for my Hive token delegation has gone down.

So on this occasion I have powerful up 288 Leo Tokens which is 30 more than the last month power up and taken part in yet another Leo Power Up Day. I can proudly say that I have been powering up from more than one year and today I have more than 10K Leo powered up in my account.

Screenshot_20231115_222452_Hive Keychain.jpg

I have delegated mostly to @india-leo account.

Screenshot_20231115_223232_Hive Keychain.jpg

So after powering up, I have more than 10.3K LEO powered up and this my goal of getting 15K LP by the year-end has been continuing. As you all know that I have set my Leo goals for 2023 for getting 15K LP by the year's end. So let's go through the update. So let's see how to reach the goal as soon as possible. I intended to buy some Leo tokens today, but will wait till the price settles down if it will.

MonthLEO PowerMonthly IncreaseOn LPUDAchieved

So to achieve the goal of 15K LP next year I need to get around 834 LEO per month or 417 in 15 days. Since today is the 15th of November and LPUD I have to get around 13822 and I have 10397 powered up, so the goal is missed. That means I have to get 3.5k more Leo to achive today's goal. Thus it means I am surely lagging behind. In the above table, I have also created the LPUD day because that is the day when we power up the LEO and see how well we are doing about our monthly goals.

So this month, I have powered up 288 LEO tokens to take part in this 17th month of LPUD. I truly believe that whoever believes in LEO tokens should power up every month to take part in this initiative just like how I am doing it continuously for the last 17 months. I try to be consistent with Hive Power Up Day and similarly I will also try to take part in Leo Power Up Day every month. And whatever I can have on the 15th of every month, I will power up and with the goals in mind will try to stretch myself to actually get to that goal.


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