Stellar Lumens giveaway for BTC and Ripple holders now Live

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Hello All

Here is a shot from the Lumens website. The giveaway is now live. You can claim if you're on a participating exchange or if you hold BTC in a wallet.


This also applies to Ripple holders but based on their website it is only applicable if you help XRP on May 22nd 2014.

You can read more about it here.

Hope this was helpful.

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Is there a way to avoid facebook? How are they going to confirm that I'm not an American citizen thru facebook?

Don't have the answer yet. I will let you know.

" if you hold BTC in a wallet."
I think it is mistake. You need to hold xrp at may 2014 not btc.
This is true ?

Correct. That is what I said. If you held XRP on May 2014 when they took a snap shot of the XRP blockchain you can claim your Lumens.

If you hold BTC you can claim as well. May 2014 does not apply to BTC

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