Shredder Citrus Burst ready to go home

in #luthier2 months ago

This one is ready to go, and it already has a home to go to which is the best part. It's hard to think of anything better than selling a guitar before I've completed it. I find it to be a big compliment I have to live up to.

My brother @bacanador made an account on here forever ago, but just never got around to doing much with it. That being said, It would be unfair that I don't share some of his music, some of his playing.

Sometimes people ask me why I don't play more guitar and all I do is show them my brothers tearing it up on the six string.

Thanks for checking out my work.



That's a beautiful guitar and sounds great.

I hope your brother will come back to Hive some time. We need more rock here. I see he was doing a keyboard demo with Jordan Rudess. I saw that recently!


ya, he needs to get his butt on here again.. he claims to be too busy

Love the brass against that awesome finish. Another work of art my friend. I watched start to finish. Great presentation. Liked, subbed and I wish you every success with the business and the YT channel.

Best wishes :-)

thanks Nathen, you are too kind

It's inspiring to see your well-deserved pride and joy at your creation. What a blessing it must be to you to take ordinary sticks and stones and make of them something so extraordinary. It's sure a blessing to everyone that gets to play them, and to hear them played.


As always, thank you my friend

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