DubFX's Wikipedia starts with an image of our dearly departed friend @JohnnyHurley, the "Hero of Olde Town Arvada"

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Do you know who DubFX is?

Dub is one of the top live-loopers on the planet, and something of a godfather of the genre.

Tens of millions of views, performed all around the world - and still a Truth-Speaker

Here's the top of his Wikipedia page:

Now, let's take a closer look at that picture...

The brother with his hand up...

That's our brother, the dearly departed @JohnnyHurley

Johnny was hugely inspired by Dub FX, with his own music following in a similar vein of live-looping & beat-boxing. He was known as "Johnny Verbal"

Here's a short video of him performing with Alais Clay

Here is the original announcement post we made after Johnny's death:

Johnny Hurley - Activist, Chef, Musician, Community Pillar - Killed By Police After Stopping Active Gunman!?!

Here's the documentary from Ford Fischer (@News2Share)

The Crazy Thing

That was the one and ONLY tour of the US that Dub FX ever did, and Johnny just happened to be in front for that picture to happen, which then just happened to become THE profile pic for Dub on Wikipedia...

And then... someone in our community just happened to discover it just two weeks before the first court date for Johnny's mom's lawsuit.

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Great Tribute and LOVE the unsweeping the rug theme! Can't wait for the zien!

crazy !

thanks for sharing :) !