Make It Count #40

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Let's play a game, shall we? This game has no losers and is made to encourage to look around and explore - like a modern version of a scavenger hunt. A hunt for numbers. This game is a little brother to my Snapfeed Competition and is meant to be quicker and easier to take part in.

Three simple steps to play the game:

  • Take a photo of this post's number.
  • Make sure your photo follows the rules below.
  • Post the photo in the comments.

No upvote, no follow, no resteem required.

What is a game without some rules:

  • All valid entries will share 90% of the liquid Steem payout of this post.
  • Entries are welcome until the post pays out.
  • The photo has to be your own.
  • The photo has to be of the specific number on its own (not part of a bigger number e.g. 1 in 124 or 3 in 531).
  • The photo has to be of the number in its numeric form.
  • The number has to be clearly visible on the photo.
  • Do not crop the number out of the bigger photo.
  • One entry per person.
  • The number cannot be created for the purpose of the game (e.g. handwritten or printed number on a piece of paper or computer screen).
  • Page numbers will not be accepted.
  • Photos using the subject you have used for the previous entries will not be accepted (e.g. same book, clock, calendar etc.)
  • Have fun spotting numbers all around.

Some ideas where to find numbers:

  • Door or house numbers
  • Traffic signs
  • Money
  • Adverts
  • Packaging
  • Lifts and floor numbers
  • Table numbers
  • Seat numbers

Happy number hunting!


My entry:

Well done, thank you 😊

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Thank you @tggr

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Hey @tggr, here is a little bit of BEER from @olivia08 for you. Enjoy it!