Maker Meeting Notes August 13th 2017

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Recorded Developer Updates

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Thank you all for joining the weekly meeting. We have 15 participants on the call today.

Agenda items should be posted to or in #meeting-agenda on Rocket Chat

Upon conclusion of the formal portion of the meeting, further topics will be discussed and debated.

Maker Core:

  • Prism (DRI: Ryepdx)
    • Prism as a dapphub module conceptualized
    • Further discussion needed
  • Sai - Simplecoin (DRI: Rain)
    • Continuing UX improvements, inc terminology
    • Continued work on formal specification
    • Some price feeds went down due to misconfiguration
      • More robust procedures will be used in the future
    • Updated UI coming soon
      • some performance enhancements
      • Can see info without metamask
  • Keepers (DRI: reverendus)
    • Bite keeper still operating on a provisional environment, may be down at times
    • @equivrel is running the OasisDEX Market Maker keeper on the SAI/W-ETH pair since yesterday. Spent some time together debugging some issues, but should be fine now.
    • Further improvements of the keeper framework (async calls etc.)
    • Made gas price customizable (--gas-price argument added)
    • Improved keeper debugging (--debug and --trace arguments added)
    • 10k Sai approved for arbitraging on existing orders, boom, bust


  • Oasis (DRI: Geronimo):
    • Frontend:
      • No changes
    • General:
      • Refactor of order matching branch in progress
      • Consider 0x integration
  • Marketing (DRI: Matt)
    • UI for Sai
  • Foundation Update: (DRI: Rune)
    • No update

General Topics:

Topics discussed here are not binding and should not be taken out of context of an open discussion. More is said during the general topics than what can be faithfully transcribed into written text

  • Asian markets

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Nice post 👍. Resteemed

Stumbled across your Blog a few days back and wow what treasure trove of information and people I enjoy listening to. Thanks for uploading these meetings and sharing with the ever growing blockchain community.