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RE: Life and Mallorca, 6 of ?

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I love the sky and cloud shots great pictures. I am not so sure about the price of Hive, but it has been nice seeing it go up and making my account value look so damn good. I am very close to my goal of 10,000 HP and that should hopefully be reached by mid December. $4.00 Hive price would be nice, but current price is not bad considering where we were when the year started out.


Yeah, 10-15 cents back in January, what a rise and reward for those who stuck with it.

I did have in mind to end the small delegation at the end of the year, hopefully you're account wont really notice it has gone. Do you plan to take a little if say, the price hit double dollar digits?

Heck, you can take it back when ever. I have really appreciated the help it has provided, but compared to October last year, I think I am in a so much better place now.

I am thinking about getting KYC account somewhere next year but I want to get a separate savings/checking account first that will not balk at crypto exchange trades.