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RE: Life and Mallorca, 6 of ?

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It’s real impressive how you stuck it out and stayed with your convictions! I really mean that.
As you say the time to earn was really when Hive was very low around 20 cents for example. If you earned a lot of hive and invested at that time then as of today you would have made 10 X gains.

So now is the time to capitalize on those gains, right ?

Well these opportunities don’t come very often, you have a sizeable stake, so atleast it could be good to take some profits.

As for me, for it to really turn into something substantial, I have to keep grinding a bit, unless it just keeps pumping then even with my stake it could turn into some nice sums.

If you were to buy a place whereabouts would you settle down, in Mallorca ?

I wish I would have been more active during the bear market but the pandemic came right about the same time as my wife and I found it she was pregnant. So the focus has been on the family. Now our son is 1 years old already. Definitely the best investment I made in my life so far :)