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RE: Life and Mallorca, 6 of ?

in #mallorca8 days ago

I've heard anywhere between $4 and $20 being mentioned as highs this time around, which could well be in the next couple of months.

Inasmuch as I think this is pure estacy from the moon, I do believe we have to be realistic about where the prices would go, 4$ is reasonable and would take a lot of work. $20? Now that's pure overexpectation.

Stunning photos of that waterside, I've never been opportuned to see such a view. Goodness me!


The $20 prediction was from one of the first accounts on Steem/Hive, perhaps they have a boatload ready to ship :)

I am lucky to be here and appreciative of the great views. Hopefully HIVE can take you places in the future, you deserve a holiday :)