Welcome to the Hive.

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The Hive

So, this is a test of the new block-chain.

This is my first post on new the Hive network. I can't wait until eSteem and other d'apps transfer over.
I am doing OK with the self imposed isolation, it's been the habit of a lifetime, so I can't really complain.
I hope that you are all doing OK as well.

I am still going to be producing the same high quality content as before, I just don't like the old Steemit based interface, but I am sure that as more and more d'apps come over to Hive things will start to improve for the better.

The communities are already there and I think are working. I haven't tested it yet.

Will Steem-Engine follow across?

Let's hope that the same benefits of the block-chain will be on both for the time being.

I know that Splinterlands will be crossing over too.

Shaidon's Hive Seal Of Approval

Hurry up Steempeak, and eSteem and make new interfaces for Hive. It's a nightmare to go back to having to decipher HTML Markdown code again. LOL!

Quality posts will return soon.


Hive is working?

It won't be "official" until Friday their time, Saturday our time. As it stands it's back to the old Steemit style interface, so I do hope that more d'apps jump across so that I can upload photos properly, have a word counter, etc. and genuinely do quality posts again.

There are going to be a few teething problems, like I can't access my wallet through it because it hasn't been set up yet.

Communities are working, but I think it will take a few weeks for the dust to settle.

PS. I can't actually edit anything I post on Hive yet, so fair warning, I wouldn't post anything that you cannot undo just yet. Feel free to look around though.

Cool. I'll not be posting until it works. I see I can log in, but it doesn't show me my posts or blog. You?

No, that’s not visible there yet. They post to Steem at the moment. It will show community stuff, but It’s a few days away from the big launch anyway.

Ah ok...It'll all come together I'm sure.

You can post with steempeak.com on Steemit and with Peakd.com on Hive!

Most of the time it should work. Esteem should have an update for computers. They told me via a private tweet they would launched @esteemapp two days ago (mobile phones) but I don't see it yet.

We live far away from people too and this will only save me money plus I can sleep longer. 😁

Happy day. 💕

Yes, I use Peakd and the eSteem app has updated to be strictly Hive only.

I can use esteem since today, before I could only read.