As promised: THE Interview

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Hi people of the Man Cave & BRO tribe!
It's me again, @misslasvegas! In the post I wrote here last week or so, about the history of the Dragons' Den promises were made.
Big promises. There would be an interview conducted by yours truly, and this would be posted on Wednesday.


It's not Wednesday!

I know, I know, Mea Culpa!
It's all my fault!


Last week I started out fresh and fruity, thinking I'd get the person for the interview at the end of the week, leaving me with ample time to write this post in order to have it ready for Wednesday, not Thursday.

Last week I was still in the position to blame the subject to be interviewed but this week it's on me.
So I won't even blame @raymondspeaks for anything this time.
This time...😆


Which brings me to the interview!
Yes, as you may have figured out, the very first interview I had the honour of doing, was with the man of the hour himself: @raymondspeaks.
Someone had to lead by example, right?
Of course, it's amazing that he found the time to even make this work, and it's amazing to hear all about the man but it's an even bigger honour to be interviewed by me, of course. 😋

Just agree.

I'm a woman.


Last week, both @raymondspeaks and I had the perfect plan to make this an in-person interview.
Well, not really because he's not anywhere near where I am but in voice chat/video.
That type of thing.
It didn't work out.
But right now, I will make you a new promise: it's on the books!
We'll have a follow-up, or a do-over, and it will be 'real'.

But now...
Without further ado...
I bring to you:

All about our main BRO!

Hi Ray, I’m so happy that you’re willing to do this interview. Welcome! Now, to begin, could you tell us a little bit more about yourself?

Well, my username is @raymondspeaks and I’m an ex Project Manager in the Mental Health sector, a writer, a teacher, and a columnist.
I guess you could say I’ve been around the block a bit. Haha.
I’m quite savvy with adaption when my lifestyle requires it.
I’m not afraid to learn a new skill or two.
If you spoke to me in the Millennium I was heading to be a chef!

A chef! What made you change your mind about becoming a chef?

Alcohol. The industry was easy access to it,
plus I always wanted to work at a computer, and the gap in work I had helped with that transition.

What brought you to Hive initially, and when did you join?

I’ll be honest and say money.
I was on another slack at the time circa 2016.
I had just invested all my money in some gambling game that in the future would shit on all its investors, and someone came into our slack shouting that hive was a big old scam.
I guess it was because we had a few prominent Hiveans on there at the time.
I decided to check it out, wrote an introduction post which received upvotes to the tune of $300, and then my next one received a Ned upvote of $2000.
Guess I was sold after that.


What were your first impressions of the platform, and what do you feel about it now?

Kind of still in awe that (still) no-one uses us that much. We are still one of the few only fully decentralised chains out there.
There is no leader here to go after.
Just a chain that we build stuff on.

So many of my blogger friends are missing out because lets be honest – they are being too lazy to understand.
It’s gone past misunderstanding now, now it’s laziness.


When was your first introduction to The Mancave, how did it happen?

One fateful day on the Whaleshares Discord of all things I met a merry man who hosted a podcast and talked to me about the frustrations of men being pushed out of their positions in my trade, particularly in my field of expertise if they don’t virtue signal the right opinions, and thus the Man Cave was born – of course it wouldn’t have received any traction if it wasn’t for @america, my original funder.

What is your most favourite project BRO fund has invested in or is supporting, and why?

Splinterlands by far.
There are other projects we are in but if I was 100% honest with myself I feel that our funds are the safest in Splinterlands.
Of course I don’t put all my eggs in one basket, but this one is definitely my fave.

As a ManCave member, and dragon, of course you spend every waking hour in the Discord channel, talking to other BROs. What was the best, funniest, most serious, or most boring conversation you’ve ever had there or witnessed. Please give us the juicy truth. Any drama? Do tell!

There’s a growing consensus I feel and definitely amongst people I speak with that it can be vicious in there, and people are generally afraid to talk because I really don’t enforce many rules apart from illegal stuff like child porn or grotesque shit like that.

In reality though I try to keep it much like real life as possible; stay a while and you’ll soon find where you slot in, there’s an unwritten chain of authority, and it’s a general nice place to be if you don’t say anything wildly stupid.

Yeah, don’t say stupid stuff and you’ll be fine.

What is considered stupid? I think the opinions vary on that?
True. Just don't lie.


We all know that BROfund is perfect…
However, if there is anything you’d like to see happen, or change, what would it be?
Would you add anything?
Any project to be supported?
Or any other ideas?

I’d honestly like to see more people try out our services.
Right now our Dragons' Den and Hive-in-a box is free as we revise and tweak.
Use it before it comes with a charge!

Are there any projects you’re working on at the moment that we don’t know about? Any first clues? :)

Despite all that I’ve said about new tokens and all the stuff I plan for next year I am currently working on sustaining, and creating a buttload of hive divs every week.

Last but not least: If there is anyone who’s still on the fence about whether or not they want to invest in BRO and join the BROs, what advice would you give them? (aside from dyor)

The time is now before we get even more scarce, and we will.
Even if I fail at everything else I’m trying to build, @brofi (our community curation account) is a monster and the upvotes will only get bigger as time progresses.


Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions. It was a pleasure!

This concludes the interview. If it would have been 'live', I would have had more follow up questions but it is what it is. More stuff to look forward to though!

I won't give away who I hope my next victim will be for next week. Somehow I have the feeling he's hiding from me...

Banner source: Source: Canva & pixabay edited in LunaPic

The gif overload was gracefully borrowed from Tenor, right here on Peakd!
I wanted to capture the essence of the BRO Man Cave Discord channel...
A bunch of guys throwing stuff around, and posting memes and gifs haha. A true Man Cave!

I took the liberty to give this post my own signature hehe.

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 124 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Hey! thanks for doing this interview

Dragons' Den and Hive-in-a box is free as we revise and tweak.

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Great interview!


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Great interview. I always like getting to more about the person behind the name. Thanks for sharing.