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Welcome to this latest edition of the Bro Newspaper. The 20th already! Have ya'll missed the paper last week? Don't worry, this week we're back! And as usual, I'd like to say, grab yourself a cup of coffee, sit back and find out what's happened this week, and what's going to happen.

We did it! For quite some time people didn't expect Hive to go over $1,- and look at us now. The new ATH is set, and it was not 1, not 2 but $3,41! Hive skyrocketed! And I hope you all are enjoying the Hive pumps this week, and make some life-/wife changing money! Here and there I saw some messages that some people wish Hive would get a dump, well sorry folks. We've had to wait four years for this time, and now it's time to enjoy yourself... and try to do the almost impossible. Time the market and cash in your winnings at the best time! At the moment, in my humble opinion, it's not that far yet so ... I would say, enjoy the ride and this latest Bro Newspaper!

Let's dive into this weeks news. What happened in the many Tribes we're invested in because we're Bro owners?

Let's find out!

We kick off this weeks Newspaper with the ever amazing;


The big word is out! The Chaos Legion Pre-sale is over and everyone who has bought packs is now eagerly waiting until December 8th! On that day, all packs can be opened, and the long wait will be rewarded.

The follow-up drop of the vouchers also starts on that day! In the meantime, the SPS is still dripping into all accounts and it can therefore still be staked to increase your voucher drop. Remember, from December 8, the amount of vouchers per day will be doubled. If that's not good news! In this post you can find all the information you need to know if you have invested in Splinterlands

In addition, I saw on Twitter that Splinterlands is still the NUMBER 1 in play-2-earn games!

Congratulations on this achievement ... and on to the next highlights!

Now that has be said we move on to the next tribe for some news. We do have a lot of active tribes on Hive, ya'll know that just as well as I do. But some tribes are more active than others ... that's not a secret. I hope you're enjoying the Newspaper so far, but maybe you'll enjoy it even more with a slice of;


One of the most active tribes on the Hive Blockchain! If you have PIZZA in your wallet you can give your fellow hiveans PIZZA for their content, or for a comment ... it doesn't matter what for. But you can summon the PIZZA bot to show appreciation to another Hivean. But PIZZA is much more than that.

You can participate with your PIZZA in many diesel pools. You can find the latest news about this in the linked post above.

There are many more things you can do with PIZZA on their website. Feel free to take a look from time to time, because they are also active there and the changes, improvements and additions follow each other in quick succession.

Now that we are all enjoying the PIZZA, I suddenly wonder how the LIONS of the Hive Blockchain are doing. So let's take a look at;


The biggest news of the past 2 weeks from the Leofinance angle is of course that big news is expected at the end of this year about Project Blank, which we have all been waiting for so long.

In addition, the Cub airdrop is also getting closer now that PolyCub seems to be approaching its completion.

I also found striking news that a 1inch-style DEX Aggregator is being built. And what that could mean for both Cub and Leo will become clear in the not too distant future. It will all unfold in the "sooniverse" ... but if you want to know more I would like to check out [this blog]( update-9-or-mobile-app-roadmap-facebook-hive-lite-accounts-project-blank-and-polycub) from @leofinance.

From the lions we proceed to;


Developments are underway behind the scenes to ensure that there will soon be more liquidity on Hive-Engine for the UTOPIS token. This should provide the greatest advantage that investors can buy and sell on the true value of UTOPIS without incurring a loss on the payment of the weekly dividends.

Read all about the proposal in this blog, and let us know what you think in the discord .

And via UTOPIS it is a small step to another token that pays weekly dividends;


One of the 'quieter' tokens we have on Hive-Engine. But the fact that SPI seems to be less well known certainly does not mean that this token is doing less well. On the contrary! We are talking about THE ONLY token that offers a buyback guarantee. And which also performs very well.

An SPI is valued at over $5 per SPI at this time of writing and SPI's total holdings are close to half a million dollars!

Let it sink in, and while you're doing your best to grasp this, you might as well the latest weekly update from @spinvest. SPI is for sale through Hive-Engine and Leodex.

When you talk about SPI, you almost automatically talk about;


What more can you say about this? LBI is based on SPI, but where SPI is backed by Hive, LBI is backed by Leo! LBI only just 1 year old. Started at a price of 1 Leo for 1 LBI, now that has almost doubled! LBI's total fund is worth around $60K and is expected to see even more big jumps. See the latest LBI update here

LBI also pays weekly dividends ... these are paid in Leo and of course your LBI also grows in value every week.

Sprung from the same brain as SPI, @silverstackeruk... and conceived with the motto;

"Get rich slowly"

Given the huge leaps that both SPI and LBI have made in recent weeks, I wish all my investments would make me rich that 'slowly'!

But since all crypto seems to be a kind of a 'game' we move forward to;


I bet you've all seen that the market fees for the Punky Market on Hive has been reduced to 5%. So what are ya waiting for? Buy and sell those Punks!

At the same time we can enjoy some Ape movement in the upwards direction. If you're a sucker for statistics then check the apeminingclub statistics here and if you didn't ape in yet, get your share of apes now before you're too late.

And keep your eyes open for news from the @blockheadgames account because I expect another treasure soon.

Okay, we've discussed a few tribes again... but of course you've all seen the high payouts that most authors get these days for their blogs. And then the question is, are you doing that? Or do you lack inspiration?

No worries! I searched the Hive Blockchain again, and again found enough that you could jump in. So if you're not sure what to write about? Take a quick look at the;


Of course you can find many more contests and challenges when you really go search for them. And it's always fun to participate, it can bring up new inspiration for your blog and it helps a lot with the engagement on the Hive Blockchain in general. So what are you waiting for? Enjoy your participation, help with growing the Hive Blockchain and get rewarded for doing so. Win-win!

Well, now that we had some contests to challenge ourselves, it's time to get ready for a fair share of weekly gossips and other interesting information.


  • @crimsonclad from CyberBuzz Radio was getting ready for the All Time Hive when she got all "punked" by @themarkymark.

  • @melbourneswest wanted Hive to go up for so long, and now Hive is up, and he wants it to go down

  • The same @melbourneswest has created a BSC token! And let me tell you this, SKIPPY is hopping all over the blockchain and is noticed in Reddit already!

  • @neoxian asked his citizens on element to tell him what they were excited for, and the most pure excitement came from @sayee

  • @sayee is excited to go to the beach again, to play with the waves and to be able to reconnect with the nature surrounding us

  • there was no newspaper last week because I was sick, and that is also the reason that there is not much gossip to read this week. I've been taking the time to recover over the past few days, mostly taking it easy and not being online much. But I'm back!

So let's quickly move on to the;


And once you've finished reading this very small selection from the wide range of crypto news, it's time to get your feet back on earth. Which, incidentally, seems to happen automatically once you switch to it;


I try to limit myself to the most positive news, because in the man cave we are mainly positive. But there is no need to bury our heads in the sand.

With this we come to the end of this issue of the BRO Newspaper. Hope to see ya'll again next week in a new issue! I hope you enjoyed this weeks newspaper.

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