MXC Exchange Will Launch HIVE/USDT Pair on Margin Trading with 5x Leverage Available

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We are thrilled to announce that MXC Exchange will launch $HIVE/USDT trading pair on Margin Trading at 14:30 (UTC+8), May 24, with 5x leverage available.
Besides, the loan for HIVE is available with fee rate of 0.1%. Welcome to trade.

For more details, please refer to the Official Announcement
Welcome to join MXC Telegram Community. If you have any issues, please feel free to ask the admins.


The Hive future is bright.


Woow absolutely awesome! Let us make some HIVE with 5X Leverage on @mxcexchange.

This is big news actually. The rest will probably follow your lead.
Expecting some pump tbh

@mxcexchange it would be nice if we didn't have to send KYC information/photographs via email just to change the password of our accounts.

I created an account, the password I entered kept implying it wasn't correct (it definitely was), so I went to reset the password and it said "security too low".

I contacted support and they said I had to send a plethora of personal information (I hadn't even logged in yet let alone filled anything out about myself to trade) regarding the account + photographs of myself, passport/driving license. I absolutely refuse to do that through email given how unsecure it is.

Hopefully you'll improve things so that password resets are more fluid, less unsecure. Perhaps encouraging 2FA over the email process. Unfortunately, I'll be abandoning that account I created and not trading on the platform as a result.

Tip if in mood

oh Awesome.thank you MXC Exchange

I am signing up today to MXCexchange, I've always to trade HIVE on leverage. Thank you!

nice one thanks

This is great news for traders.

Great news ! Thank you !

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Nice this is a first. :)

Amazing..great news!

All exchanges have to encourage true decentralized platforms to pave path for the future.
Come on give should reach sky to tell we don't need anyone to control..

Thank you for the importance you give to Hive.

Brilliant. Thanks for adding us.

Thanks! I wouldn't be using margin but definitely grateful to have another exchange available!

This is amazing! Thank you!

Awesome! Thank you ;)