I was a winner in @Cryptocameo’s first glass giveaway [ verification pics]!

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For those of you who haven't already seen him around, @Cryptocameo is a glass artist and cannabis enthusiast who has been posting quality blogs about those subjects and a few about crypto that are equally excellent.

Here is a sampling of his blogs for your enjoyment:

  • Glass pipes: Part 1*
  • Masters of the craft: Part 1 *
  • Effetre Glass Art, Know Your Roots! *
  • Masters of the Craft: Part 2*
  • Glass Pipes: Part 2*

In his first post about glass he had a little lotto style giveaway which had surprisingly few entries....


a few days after I entered and forgot about that post, I was declared a winner :)

I mostly use rigs, but I was actually very satisfied with my winnings :)

To be honest, I've had the piece for about a week now but it took that long for me to get off my ass and get herbs since all I normally keep is concentrates, so for a while the bowl went sad and empty.


Of course, I wanted to fill it up before I posted any verification here so when I did go to restock my meds I picked up some buds this time. The nug itself wasn't anything special, I don't smoke a lot of bud so I just got some mid-shelf whatever because the post wasn't really about that.

Regardless, I ground some up and packed a bowl in my new steemit sherlock :)


...and it rips!

I'm actually very thankful for receiving this dry piece! Although my initial reaction was pretty neutral since I didn't think I'd be using it a lot, it did encourage me to smoke some dry herb for the first time in a while and I was genuinely surprised how stony I got for where my tolerance to concentrates is at.

P.S. Check out our group on gli.ph, we have a swarm of over 200 minnows helping each other grow!

(We are also on steemit.chat )
We have a #420 subgroup which @Cryptocameo is actually in, and I happen to know for a fact he'll be doing more giveaways in the future, so you should follow him and also join the gli.ph so you'll be privy to information like that ;)



This is awesome! Thank you for following up with this. Super jealous. :)

Be sure to enter! You really could be the next winner.

You too could be a winner :p

Just watch out for cameo's next giveaway and ya could get lucky ;)

Nice pipe ;)

Glad you like it! Next giveaway is coming very soon. I have been a little inactive this past week but for good reason. Already have 15 pipes ready to go!